50 Hygge Self Care Ideas

Cozy up with these 50 hygge self care ideas from More Lifestyle Living

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Hygge self care ideas for when you want to be cozy

These ideas for self care are excellent ways to make your day better when life gets hard. Enjoy a self care day at home and take care of something important to you…YOU! These are a just a few things to do for self care suggestions that I have come up with that I enjoy.

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1. Make a soothing bath

2. Listen to ambient music

3. Call a friend

4. Rewatch a favorite movie or series

5. Make cookies

6. Take a walk in the park

7. Attend a yoga class at the gym

8. Work on a passion project


9. Snuggle up in your favorite blanket

10. Maintain your personal hygiene with a new product or scent

11. Use essential oils and create a hygge spa to relax

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12. Make herbal tea

13. Write a list of 5 things you’re thankful for

14. Watch a TED-talk video

15. Journal your thoughts (Subscribe for a free printable brain dump worksheet)

16. Plan a mini weekend getaway

17. Buy flowers for yourself

18. Order or cook your favorite meal

19. Drink water to replenish your body

20. Organize and clean your space

21. Do a digital and social media detox

Cozy up with these 50 hygge self care ideas.

22. Find somebody to hug

23. Memorize an inspirational quote

24. Create an art piece with your favorite tools

25. Freshen up your wardrobe and style

26. Sleep or nap

27. Clean your laundry and fold your towels like a spa

28. Organize and plan the next week in your calendar

29. Make a vision board

30. Set SMART goals

31. Celebrate an accomplishment

32. Make a delicious and healthy smoothy

33. Do something nice for someone in need

34. Check out your local library and find a book to read

35. Attend a fun event in your community

36. Take care of plants

37. Declutter 7 items

38. Style your hair

39. Invite a friend over to practice hygge self care activity ideas

40. Play a relaxing game

41. Donate unused items in your closet

42. Minimize waste, and switch to reusable towels

43. Sing along with a favorite song

44. Don’t forget to dance

45. Watch nature and count the birds

46. Visit a Hygge cafe and order a treat

47. Change perspectives and reorganize your furniture

48. Text a loved one

49. Visit a museum in your area

50. Plan a self care day at home cozy activity for the future


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What are your favorite self care things to do? Are there more self care inspiration hygge ways to stay cozy that you enjoy?

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