Watch the movie #Jumanji and go to the #NextLevel this movie is full of action, comedy, and is loads of fun!

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We went to Jumanji: The Next Level and ate a lot of popcorn! This was a great movie to watch during Blogmas. Find out what my favorite thing was during the movie.


Best Seats in the House

The day began like any other blogmas day, I had plans, but those plans went out the window. When I found out that the sequel to Jumanji came out, I knew I wanted to go to that movie on our movie date night. I enjoy watching the actors from the first one, and enjoyed the action in the first movie.

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It was a little bit icy on the way to the theater, but once we were inside, I knew that the theater was the perfect place to be on a day where the outside world was not where I wanted to be. I grabbed a bucket of popcorn and made some peach lemonade from a juice maker machines.

We purchased the tickets ahead of time and were able to choose the BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE! Right in the middle of the theater is where it’s at.

We made ourselves cozy and settled in just as the movie was starting. The Next Level movie takes place during the Christmas season, while the first Jumanji movie takes place around Halloween. That is so cool that they decided to do that. So, when I want to buy the movie and watch it at home, it will be awesome to watch with the first one.


My Favorite Part

There is a twist in the movie that makes it awesome, so it is definitely a must see movie. As a sequel movie, this one was above the rest. I loved the action and the acting in it.


Have you seen Jumanji: The Next Level yet? If so, what did you think of it?

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3 Comments on “BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE! | Blogmas Day 20

  1. I have fond memories of watching the original Jumanji with my niece when she was a child. I am not sure I want to replace that fun moment with the new one. Cheers

    • That’s cool, I was super young when the first one came out, and was not sure on watching the new ones. The remakes are way different and are new memories of fun, laughter, and adventure. And it is still fun to watch the old classic-it’s not going away.

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