Best BUJO Methods for productivity to start using in your bullet journal today

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I’ve been on the search for creating a better way to collect and create lists in my bullet journal. And These methods are excellent for keeping on top of all that I have to do. If you are looking for better ways to stay organized and productive using the Bullet Journal Method, this post is for you.

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New BUJO Methods

Alastair Method

The Alastair Method is very useful when I am doing a “brain dump” and letting my thoughts flow freely all while organizing when the idea needs to be done. It helps me coordinate and manage my time better, and helps me be more productive!

Calendex Method

The Calendex Method is useful for when I have an Idea that is in a calendar, but the plan is on a page. I use the calendar to refer to the page number the plan is on.

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Rapid Logging

Rapid Logging is what the bullet journal is mainly used for. I learned how to do Rapid Logging from The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll. Jot down ideas with bullet-point notes and symbols for what they mean. At the end of the day, transfer the notes to their relevant page or update them as necessary. I use this practice in my daily to-do lists.

Time Blocking

If I have a task that needs to be worked on in chunks, I use the time blocking method so I don’t feel overwhelmed by it all. In combination with the Alastair method, it really helps me be more productive with my time.


If there is something that is in my bullet journal and there are pages in between, I use threading. It’s a reference point for the notes showing me where the next set of pages is. I refer to the pages the notes continue on and point back to.


I discovered some of these new BUJO methods on these YouTube Videos!

What are your favorite Bullet Journal Methods that you like to use?

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