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Create an uplifting atmosphere with these 11 easy ideas for a calm hygge home.

This spring, it is important to stay home and GET COZY! Make your home a safe space to relax, be creative, and enjoy time.


Ideas for a Calm Hygge Home

  1. Make every item have a designated space
  2. Use soothing colors in decor changes
  3. Organize, organize, organize
  4. Create Nooks for quiet activities
  5. Have a Cleaning Routine
  6. Let the light in
  7. Improve air quality; get fresh air
  8. Make a daily routine
  9. Get creative with easy DIY Projects
  10. Listen to uplifting music and podcasts
  11. Cook delicious meals

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Make every item have a designated space

Keep your home a calm space by designating spaces for items. And, make sure everyone in the household knows that is the item’s specific spot. Use labels if necessary. You’ll be thanking yourself later!

Use soothing colors in decor changes

Spring is here, and you may want to decorate to bring in the new season. Each season comes with it’s own themes and trends. To make your home more cozy, use calm and relaxing colors that are soothing to look at. Colors such as coral, lavender, and mint green are excellent choices for springtime.

Organize, Organize, Organize

Get things in order. Files, paperwork, time, items, and MORE. Bust boredom with organizational activities that you’ve been meaning to do.

Create Nooks for Quiet Activities

Re-arrange furniture and create nooks and quiet spaces. Keep quiet activity items ready for whenever you want to relax. Some ideas for quiet activities are bullet journaling, yarn projects, reading, or sketching.

Have a Cleaning Routine

Don’t let the housework get away from you during this time. Keep on top of it by developing a practical system for your home.

Let the Light Into your Calm Hygge Home

Open up the shades. We need to get VITAMIN D! If possible, re-arrange workspaces and furniture to help you get more light.

A Calm Hygge Home with an open window next to a bed and a bedside table with a mug of coffee.
Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on Pexels.com

Improve Air Quality; Get Fresh Air

Our home is the best place to be, but we DO NEED FRESH AIR. Get outside in your backyard or open windows and make sure to use social distancing practices.

Make a Daily Routine

A daily routine is a way to create a calm hygge home amidst the chaos. I especially enjoy having a morning routine where I focus on personal time and get exercise before seeing what is happening in the world.

Get Creative with Easy DIY Projects

It is important to have enrichment! Use your creativity, and design and create your own DIY projects that keep you actively engaged. Puzzles, online class or school, painting, make music, writing, sketching, and sewing are all useful activities to stimulate the mind.

Listen to Uplifting Music and Podcasts

Music is an incredibly powerful tool to help create a cozy home. I enjoy listening to coffee shop type music when I am working from home.

Cook Delicious Meals

And finally, I am so glad I like to cook and bake. It helps our home be very cozy! A homemade meal is incredibly tasty when it is made with love and care.

What ideas are you using in your home to create a calm space?

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