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Posts in the Hygge category are a collection of ideas for living with contentment, comfort, coziness, and well-being.

Hygge, pronounced “Hoo-gah”, is a Danish or Norwegian word  that means the feeling of quality cosiness and comfort.

It can be applied to many aspects of lifestyle such as making living space comfortable, spending time with friends and family, and delicious food.

Hygge is very popular around Christmas time. Making a place more merry and warm in the dark winter can help bring about the feeling of a good atmosphere. It can also be observed year-round. See the Summer Bucket List for ideas to get inspiration in the summer.

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Create an uplifting atmosphere with these 11 easy ideas for a calm hygge home.


How to Create a Budget in Excel

In this article, you can expect to read all you need to know about budgets, plus there is a look at how you can create your budget in Microsoft Excel.


Project Planner Pack Project Management downloadable printables

Create your next project with better organization and more ways to keep on top of all the tasks that need to be complete. Download your own printable Project Planner Pack and start creating your next successful project today.

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Note: I won’t go into much detail about our current world-wide situation as I don’t have much to add to all existing information and I personally …

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Nylon Hammocks as Low as $10 Shipped on Sierra.com (Regularly $40)

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As a child, I’ve always loved snow days. I can too as an adult with self care on snow days. These are 20 of my favorite ways to relax and do activities that I’ve wanted to do that aren’t social media.

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