How to make Chai Tea Recipe. These spices are essential for making a flavorful tea recipe that is DELICIOUS and TASTY!

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This chai tea recipe is full of delicious spices. I used all the spices for my recipe. Find out what makes my homemade chai latte yummy and flavorful.

The first time I tried chai tea, I knew it had to be in my must have recipes for my homemade food. I love to create delicious food. If you like homemade recipes and delicious spices, give this post a star and share it with someone who you think will like it.

Have you tried a Homemade Hot Chocolate recipe? This chai tea spice recipe would be perfect to go along with that!

I wanted to make my chai tea recipe both savory and sweet, but NOT spicy. I’ve had one too many bad chai tea bags from the stores that are GROSS because they are spicy hot. When I want to be cozy with a hygge spa at home, I want my beverage to be DELICIOUS and soothing.

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Chai Tea Recipe

When I made my chai tea recipe, I used all the spices that I had available to me. I even went to the store to pick up some more that I didn’t have in my spice cabinet.

Delicious Chai Tea

To start off, I have a cabinet FULL of spices. When I want to whip up a recipe, I can do so very quickly. But, I didn’t have ALL the spices for chai tea the first time I made it. And, I’ve found that not all of them are needed, just the essential ones.

These are the tea, spices, sweeteners, and liquids that I like to use for my chai tea recipe.

Essential Chai Tea Flavors


Black Tea

I used what I found available in the store for the black tea. I found a cheap packet of 100 tea bags that had individual bags. When I make chai tea, I steep them in the liquid and add the spice mixture

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The sweetest thing about cardamom, is that is is so yummy. I use it sparingly, as it can be very powerful, even in small amounts.

All Spice

Now this stuff has a KICK. It amplifies the spice level of the food I’m cooking. In my chai tea recipe, I use it sparingly.


This classic flavor is what I RAN OUT OF when I made the recipe. If we were to make a balance scale of cinnamon to other spice ratio, the cinnamon would be about 8 to 1.


It is calming and soothing to add ginger. But, I don’t like it one bit. It’s in my tea because it is good for me.


Ohh, cloves. They are so nostalgic when it comes to helping me think happy thoughts. The scent of cloves in a tea remind me of a cozy kitchen.


I go nuts over nutmeg when I use it sparingly in the food I make. Oh, maybe THIS is the secret ingredient. 😉


Ok I really have a real secret ingredient. And I use it only in the fall. Can you guess what it is?

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Sweeteners for Chai Tea Recipe


I add a few drops to a mug when I make my tea fresh.

Honey or Sugar

I add the honey or sugar to taste when I make my chai tea recipe.

Liquid Base for Chai Tea

Hot water

The water is cooked almost to a boil in my electric water teapot. Then, I pour it in my mug.

Warm Milk

When I’m feeling fancy, I make my milk warm, and add it on top.

Whipped Cream (for a latte)

And when I’m feeling luxurious, I put whipped cream on top.

How to make Chai Tea

Mix up the spices

Mix all the spices according to the ingredient levels you want. For myself, I use a tablespoon for the ground cinnamon, a teaspoon for ground cloves, and a 1/4 teaspoon each for the rest of the spices. Then store the spice mixture in a seal-able, waterproof container.

Make a mug

When I make the tea, I warm up the water and pour it into a mug. Then I add a teabag, a couple drops of vanilla extract, a teaspoon of sweetener, a 1/4 teaspoon of the chai spice mixture, milk and whipped cream to top it off.


How do you like to make your chai tea? Is is Spicy, frothy, iced, or in a smoothie? Leave a comment below with your favorite way to make it.

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