The Christmas Office Party is a fun way to relax and enjoy coworkers and friends at the end of the year celebration. #christmas2019 #blogmas #morelifestyleliving

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Have fun at the Christmas Office Party – Relax It’s Play time. The office party can be enjoyable and fun and a great way to get to know people.

The holiday season is a great way to end the year with coworkers and friends gathering together to celebrate. If you enjoy relaxing at parties and having fun, be sure to like this post!


Christmas Office Party

Coming together at the end of the year for the Christmas Office Party is an enjoyable way to get to know you or your spouse’s coworkers.

Social gatherings are ways to relax and have fun after a year of hard-work and stress. I was nervous about attending the most recent Christmas Office Party, because I didn’t know any people at it and I’m not really into small talk. But from office parties in the past and listening to my spouse’s stories about some fun things that happen at the office, I kinda-sorta knew who was who, and what small-talk I was comfortable bringing up.

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Networking at the Office party

Ahead of time, I had a hard time choosing what to wear! But that was ok. It wasn’t meant to be super fancy, more casual-like. I ended up wearing a sweater and some nice dress pants.

Luckily, at this one, everyone was wearing name tags. That makes it so much easier to network and know the people at the party.

Relaxing at the Christmas Office Party

We arrived right when the food was being served, so we only had to grab the buffet and take a seat next to some coworkers for a short while while we ate and chatted for a bit.

Then it was time for the fun to begin. The office party was a vegas themed-one, and it got very loud as the night progressed. People were very relaxed and having fun! I enjoyed getting to play games, press my luck, and cheer on others. I even learned how to play a few new games.

The evening flew by, and we relaxed and had a fun time.

The Christmas Office Party is a fun way to relax and enjoy coworkers and friends at the end of the year celebration. #christmas2019 #blogmas #morelifestyleliving


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What is your favorite Christmas Office Party way to relax? Leave a comment below with what you like to do.

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