Are you feeling overwhelmed by cleaning, or don't have a cleaning schedule. Check out this post on clean schedule essentials to get started.

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These clean schedule essentials are important for keeping a clean home. One of the easiest ways prepare for any routine cleaning, or extra cleaning is to have a cleaning schedule that works for you. It’s best to have a clean schedule that embraces minimalism and cleanliness without being overwhelming.


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Clean Schedule Essentials

An important factor in clean schedule essentials is to create a routine. By using a weekly and monthly clean schedule, I like to break down the work into that needs to be done. Some of the tasks that need to be done daily are things such as dishes, trash, and wiping surfaces. Weekly task examples can be dusting, scrubbing surfaces, and deep cleaning something that gets used often.

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Scheduled Cleaning

A routine can help make sure that items, and rooms have scheduled cleaning checks. If I want to add something to the regular scheduled cleaning routine, I make adjustments as necessary.

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Printable Cleaning Schedule

Free Lifestyle Printable Clean Schedule Essentials

A simple printable cleaning schedule that you can print off is available here at More Lifestyle Living to help you organize your cleaning tasks.

I like to make adjustments to my daily and weekly tasks accordingly. It is ok to make various cleaning schedules for different areas in life. If I have a specific room, such as the kitchen, that I want to create a schedule for, then I make a schedule just for the kitchen. Or if I care for an animal, then I make a clean schedule just for the animal. It can even be used for cleaning of personal care and upkeep.

Daily Cleaning Schedule Printable

This daily cleaning schedule printable is for all uses. It is practical in various types of lifestyles. Whether I’ve lived in an apartment, dorm, tent, van, house, or hotel, having a clean schedule is important. All this printable schedule is is a simple fill in checklist of days, weeks, bi-weeks, and months.

One Day Cleaning

There are things that should be cleaned daily, such as dishes, trash, countertops, sweeping, and wiping down surfaces. Microbes can collect on things that are sitting upright. (Read this article about Pasteur). Store cups, pots, and pans upside down, cover them with lids, put them in drawers, and cabinets, and seal them closed. Wash hands after restroom use, and before and after food prep. Take shoes off, change clothes, and shower when getting home. These are habits and organization techniques that can be established with good hygiene practice.

What good hygiene habits do you like use? Leave a comment below and join the conversation.

Cleaning Schedule Weekly

I saw a home decor piece that said something similar to: “I tried dusting once. It came back. Never falling for that again!”

Dust is always something that happens, and it needs to be done on a regular basis. While it is a tedious chore, there are some ways to reduce dust. Close windows (or open windows accordingly), have proper ventilation, seal driveways and roads, use filters and maintain HVAC systems.

Dusting is the ultimate chore that will never end. And if you add it to your weekly cleaning routine, try not to overwhelm yourself with it. Good luck.

Try to make sure each room gets a basic cleaning once a week. Even if the room is rarely used or just storage, it is important to clean it.

Deep clean items that you use frequently on a weekly basis too. Scrub down bathroom sinks, toilets, and tubs. Open up the components of equipment you use, and make sure each opening and seal is in good working order and is not growing anything gross. Use proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and follow directions on cleaning supplies and labels!

Use proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and follow directions on cleaning supplies and labels!

House Cleaning Schedule

A house cleaning schedule can be made according to your lifestyle. Every house is different.

You may be busier on some days more than others, or you may hire staff to help you clean. It is all up to you.


How Often Should You Clean Your Apartment

Daily. Keep up with daily chores and good habits to help maintain cleanliness in your home. Acknowledge that there are tasks that need to be complete, and create a work breakdown structure of what all needs to be done. Maintain a schedule that is not too overwhelming to follow and one that everyone is on board with.


I enjoy listening to music and podcasts when I clean! The best ones are uplifting and easy to listen to. Check out this playlist of music on YouTube. Right now, I’m really liking Skyrim music. 🙂

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