The CP Holiday Train is a family fun event to do for a Christmas bucket list.

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The CP Holiday Train came into town and it was a fun activity to do on giving Tuesday during Blogmas.


CP Holiday Train

When the CP Holiday Train comes into town, it is always a good time. It is an awesome and unique fundraiser for the local food pantry in the area, and a very entertaining event.

Canadian Pacific Holiday Train Food Pantry Fundraiser.
Pacific rail car from the holiday train.
Holiday Rail Car from the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train
Train Rail Car from the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train.
The Live Band on the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train introduce Santa and share the Local Food Pantry donations with the community.

It is magical to see the train when it comes into town with the sides of the cars lit up with holiday-themed lights. And when the band’s rail walls go down and turn into a stage, that’s when the fun begins! They play live music, cover songs, holiday jams, and bring in Santa Clause to join the entertainment.

The whole community comes together, money and food gets collected for the local area, and music is enjoyed by all.


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