IS IT WORTH IT? Living Life Debt Free

Is Debt Free Living Worth it? See the lessons I've learned while getting debt free using the Dave Ramsey Snowball Plan.

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Is debt free living worth it? Absolutely.

Getting out of debt from student loans was one of the biggest challenges I’ve overcome in my financial life. And that has taught me more lessons about finances than any other. By following Dave Ramsey’s plan, I’ve found myself more content, more independent, and more flexible with my time. These are the biggest lessons I’ve learned.


Quality products do not mean Brand Name.

What are the basic needs in life? Food, shelter, clothing, safety, and space. That is all that is required for animals that live in nature. While I don’t mean to burst a bubble from that fancy schmancy $50 bottle, a $1 bottle of soap will do. When your in debt, be frugal, buy used, use coupons, purchase wisely. When your out of debt, THEN you can choose if you want the fancy schmancy stuff. By then, there will be another hot brand name product that you’ll just NEEEEEED.

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Aldi is the best place for groceries

If you are lucky enough to have an Aldi, you are lucky enough. I have always loved their minimalist style of shopping compared to Trader Joe’s or other grocery stores. Each time I go in the store, I know what I want, where it’s at, and can trust that it’s a good quality product. And I go to Aldi because I like their food , prices, and atmosphere.

Old habits die hard

Budgeting for getting out of debt was EASY, sticking to it was full of ups and downs. BUT I stuck to the plan, because it WORKS! If the system works, don’t try to change it, tweak it, or modify it. Dave has already done that part. Just stick with the plan! You may need to change your habits to fit to the plan though, that’s the hard part. It’s much less work to plan ahead than to always feel like you’re trying to catch up.

Have an accountability partner

The day I brought up finances with my partner was the day we became a TEAM. As the saying goes, “Team work makes the dream work.” Work together, and you’ll go much further, faster. And once you get through the longest, hardest game toward debt free living in your life, you’ll still have that partner by your side. Don’t push each other away, build each other up. Stay focused on the goal, and know your WHY. It’s a game, and you don’t want the debt to win. Dave ramsey is your coach, and your budget is your ref. If you don’t have a spouse, find a trustworthy accountability partner to help you out.

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Have you been on a debt free journey, or are you currently on one?

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    • It is quite a journey! If you need help to see your progress toward payments, I just created a free printable Goal Tracker in the Beaker Shape.

  1. Oh man, I thought we would never get my husband’s student loan paid off. I can still remember how happily relieved I was when I sent in the last payment. Debt free is a liberating thing.

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