These Delicious homemade hot chocolate recipes are savory. Create culinary perfection at your next holiday party or put this on your hygge spa menu. Make a hot cocoa bar with Cocoa, cinnamon, milk, whipped cream, and more. #hotchocolate #morelifestyleliving

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Stay warm and cozy with these delicious homemade hot chocolate recipes. PERFECT the art of creating lavish hot cocoa, and supplement your marshmallows with an assortment of hot chocolate ideas.

I love hot chocolate, and it is so much fun to order when I go to cozy cafes. My taste buds start to water when I picture a mug of hot chocolate filled to the brim. Above all, what makes me enjoy devouring the hot chocolate is HUGE mountain of whipped cream, a drizzle of caramel, AND cinnamon on top. If you know someone who enjoys hot chocolate just as much as I do, share this post with them. They’re sure to love it!

I want to share some ways I like to create my own savory and delicious homemade hot cocoa recipes at home.

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Delicious Homemade Hot Cocoa Recipes

Start off by making a regular batch of hot cocoa from packets of swiss miss and measure the whole milk (or water) properly. If you are making it for a party, or have it included on a hygge spa menu, mix up the the powder & liquid into a crockpot and keep it warm.

To make different delicious homemade hot cocoa recipes from the one batch, try creating a hot cocoa bar with different options.

Spices and Flavors to set the mood

Mint– Add mint drops or leaves to the hot cocoa. Use sparingly as it can be powerful.

Cinnamon– Sprinkle some cinnamon into the mug for a spicy hot cocoa that tastes cozy and warm.

Sea Salt– Add a twist to the hot chocolate recipe by sprinkling in some sea salt. Combine with caramel for amazing flavor!

Coconut– If you like the tropical flavor of coconut, add some shredded coconut flakes. Or when you make the hot cocoa, use coconut “milk” as a base liquid.

Creamer– Cream your hot cocoa like you would a cup of coffee. There are a variety of flavors, so pick one that will go well with chocolate.

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Toppings for hot chocolate

Marshmallows– These are a classic topping for hot cocoa. Use mini ones instead of big ones. But if you prefer, you can use the big ones.

Whipped Cream– Spray a nozzle of whipped cream on top of your mug of hot cocoa and devour it! So delicious.

Mouuse– Try a mouuse topping to go along with the hot cocoa. It can really make it creamy.

Ice Cream– Use ice cream if you don’t mind if it isn’t too hot. This adds a little bit of sweetness too.

Drizzles to top off the hot chocolate

Chocolate– Drizzle on more chocolate on top of the hot cocoa.

Caramel– Mmm. Caramel is a perfect additive to help sweeten the hot chocolate drink mix.

Maple Syrup– If you really want it sweet, try adding maple syrup!

Peppermint– Pump on a festive seasonal flavoring by adding liquid peppermint to the hot chocolate.

Cherry– If you like cherries, this is a sweet way to make it taste like candy!

Sweets for the Side

Candy Canes– Hot chocolate really needs to have a candy cane on the side to make it come alive.

Brownies– These are perfect for having on the side to help you devour the hot chocolate.

Cookies– Cookies are a delicious way to eat a snack with hot chocolate. You can dip them into the mug to soak up the hot cocoa.


What hot chocolate recipes do you like to indulge in?

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