This Easy soup recipe is quick and hearty. Create a delicious weeknight meal with this Turkey Chili made in under 30 minutes. It is simple, tasty, and fast to make for the whole family.

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This easy soup recipe with turkey is quick and easy to make during the busy holiday season. Make this super easy recipe in under 30 minutes for a tasty dinner or supper meal.


Easy Soup Recipe with Turkey

Holidays can be busy, and by swapping the chopping and dicing of vegetables for a pre-sliced and diced meal, it can save a lot of time. Cans of soup are only so-so in flavor and variety. But, a seasoned mix of chili that is dehydrated and ready to make is perfect for the hygge menu during the holidays.

I wanted to make a holiday meal for the week that I could use leftovers from thanksgiving and still have it be healthy and hearty. But, I didn’t have that much time to make soup.

When I went to the grocery store, I found a soup bag mix for chili. The ingredients were dehydrated and ready for creating. All the bag asked for was to boil water, add the mix, whisk in tomato paste, and add meat and salsa.

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I already had some ground turkey thawing out in the refrigerator at home, so I decided to use that.

Made an easy soup recipe at home

I created the soup using two dishes. One was for the boiling water, and the other dish was for cooking the turkey.

Once the chili was almost done (about 25 minutes), I cooked the ground turkey. After the turkey was fully cooked, I added it to the soup mix. I also had some salsa and hot sauce that helped add heat to the soup mix that really made it taste delicious.

Toppings for an Easy Soup Recipe

The Chili was seasoned with salt and pepper to taste, the soup was complete. I added some shredded cheese and sour cream to complete the meal for my own portion. Other things I had available for who ever wanted them were saltine crackers and onions.

Create a delicious and healthy meal with this easy soup recipe for a busy day. Make it in under 30 minutes and enjoy the heart healthy ground turkey in this chili recipe.


What is your favorite quick and easy soup recipe? Let me know in the comments below.

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