Epson Expression ET-2750 EcoTank Printer Review

This EcoTank Printer saves us so much money! We don't need to continuously buy ink. That makes it better for the environment too. This Epson Expression ET-2750 EcoTank Printer is perfect for our at home printing needs.

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We replaced our printer after the ink cartridges ran out of ink AGAIN and we purchased an Epson Expression ET-2750 EcoTank. Finally, a printer that delivers and we couldn’t be HAPPIER! Check out our Epson Expression 2750 EcoTank review and see why we recommend this printer for a home office.

Epson Expression ET-2750 EcoTank Printer Review

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Epson Expression ET-2750 EcoTank Printer

Wasted Ink with the Old Printer

We had an HP 7520, which had good reviews at the time of purchase, however as we looked at current reviews, other customers shared the same terrible experiences we did. The HP 7520 printer went through ink LIKE CRAZY. We didn’t have a high print volume and most of the time we were just printing black text. Ultimately, it got to the point where we avoided printing at all, which kinda defeats the point of having a printer.

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Other HP 7520 Printer Problems

  • Ink cartridges had to be replaced way too often. The special photo black always seemed to run out, even though we weren’t printing photos. One would assume “photo” black would only be used for photos, but this wasn’t the case. Also, even if you are printing black, you better not have it in color mode, because it would still use color to print black. I found this out when I would get pages of just magenta or cyan text after the black ran low.
  • Recently the printer wouldn’t print consistently even with fresh ink. We fixed (or tried to fix) the alignment multiple times to no avail.
  • The User Interface on this model was placed on the front and if you are trying to scan a book the book cannot lay flat on the scanning bed. This made the scan poor quality, or not possible.


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Why EcoTank?

Prior to the HP 7520 printer, we had another HP printer that worked very well. But it was FRIED when it was struck by lightning. So, for a quick fix (but later cost us more money) we went with the HP 7520. After that expensive experience, we decided to try a new type of printer and a different brand printer.

During our printer research we came across the Epson EcoTanks and since they do not use cartridges and boast SIGNIFICANTLY (like 20-30 times more) larger print volumes per ink bottle for ALMOST THE SAME PRICE as ink cartridges, we had to check this out. We enjoy having an eco friendly office and wanted to find a better solution.

The Stats

On the box it states you get 2 years’ worth of ink, which Epson states is roughly equal to 6,500 text pages or 5,200 color pages. They also state this is equal to 30 sets of ink cartridges, so for us it was around $60 a set of cartridges, meaning that’s equal to $1800 in ink cartridges for us. Of course, I was very skeptical given my recent printer issues.

Top of Epson ET-2750 Printer box showing the printer stats.
Front of Epson ET- 2750 Printer Box that shows the cartridgeless ecoPrinter.

Our Experience

So after MUCH consideration and waiting for sales, we found a deal to trade/recycle your old printer to get a discount on a new EcoTank at our local Best Buy. We jumped at this chance, because the only other place the HP was going was the recycling.

We ended up going with the ET-2750 EcoTank over the ET-2650, because of the following:

  1. Built-in duplex printing – You don’t need to reinsert the paper to print on both sides.
  2. 502 Ink with Auto-Stop Technology – Ink Bottles Stop filling when the tank is full and  to prevent spills. The ET-2650 uses different ink bottles that don’t have this.

Our Findings

The Scanning Area is easier to use

With the HP, the User Interface was in the way, but now, with the Epson, we can lay a book flat on the scanning bed when we want to scan a textbook or library book.

The scanning bed of the Epson Expression Ecotank ET -2750 WiFi enabled Printer.

The Instructions

They were easy to follow and helped you setup the printer and fill it with ink easily.

Filling the Ink is Easy

We were nervous about filling the ink, but the auto-stop technology on the 502 ink bottles worked great and we didn’t spill any ink. You don’t even have to hold the bottle, just insert and wait for it to fill. I did have to hold the lid of the printer up during the filling though. The included ink bottles completely filled the ink tanks, so it appears 1 set of ink bottles is supposed to last for 2 years.

Easy Printer Setup

Everything went pretty seamlessly, and we only had the following 2 issues, which were resolved after going to maintenance and running a nozzle check after which the printer will do an automated self-cleaning if needed. Here are some before and after pictures.

Printing Test with the Epson Expression ET-2750 EcoTank Printer.

Print Quality

The print quality overall was good, not excellent, but good. The only thing I noticed with the graphics I was printing was that the colors appeared duller or less vibrant than our previous printer. See pictures below for examples.

Photo Printing

The following are a few photos we printed. I would say there are comparable to what I would get from a local print shop. For home or reference use this is great, but if you are a professional photographer or need higher quality pictures then this printer probably isn’t for you.

Photo Quality of a colorful photo from the Epson Printer.
An assortment of photos that were printed from the EcoTank Printer.


I had a huge printing project (76 Pages) that required a lot of pages to be printed off in full color, front and back. The ET-2750 handled the task like a champ with good photo quality. You can see the ink levels below, which indicate that I used about 3/16 of the black ink which was pretty impressive to me since most pages were almost all solid black ink.

Ink Levels visible  on the ET-2750 Printer. BK, Y, M, C.

Mobile Printing

After downloading the Epson iPrint mobile app, I was able to easily find my printer and print photos from my phone. It makes it super convenient for me to actually print the photos from my phone.


  • Excellent Cost Effectiveness
  • Excellent Reliability
  • Easy to Use – Simple User Interface
  • Good Photo Quality for Home Use
  • Easy Mobile Printing
  • Improved Scanning Bed Access (Compared to our previous HP printer)
  • Great All Around Home Printer
  • Built-in Duplex Printing


  • Photo Quality could be better.
  • Switching Paper Types appears to require you to select the new paper type on the printer user interface. This was slightly annoying, but only took a few seconds and didn’t cause any issues.
  • Duplex Printing only works for certain paper types. See the ET-2750 EcoTank printer manual for specifics. In my experience the cardstock I used was not allowed for duplex printing, but the printer detected the paper type was not plain paper and informed me on the user interface.

Our Recommendation and Final Thoughts

🌟🌟🌟🌟 Four out of Five star Rating

Overall, the Epson Expression ET-2750 Printer is the perfect printer for at home needs. I never have to worry about whether I have enough ink when I print the Free Lifestyle Printables. It is convenient to have when I am printing DIY at home projects or using it for my art references. This reliable cost-effective printer helps us out a lot. The print quality is good, only a little duller than we would like, but it’s a minor issue in our experience.

  • If you need an all-around Copier, Scanner, and Printer, then this is a great option that provides significant cost savings over ink cartridges. We highly recommend it.
  • If you need a printer with excellent, professional, and outstanding print and photo quality, then this is not the printer for you.


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