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I’m not perfect, and I’ve failed at my goals. These are the biggest childhood lessons I’ve learned about failure on my way to reaching my goals.


Failure is trying something you’ve never done before

Have you tried something new and succeeded at it the first time with grace, ease, and perfection? I know I have not done that. I’ve failed at many things the first time I tried doing them. When I learned to walk, I also learned to fall before I could be stable enough to move on my own two feet. Learning is a part of failure that is an important part of growing along the way to success.

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Failure made me smarter

The path toward your goals can be full of distractions and opportunities to learn from prioritization. When I learned that I am the one in charge of my time, I recognized that it can either help or hurt me depending how I use my time.

Failure taught me lessons I would have never known if I didn’t try. The first time I try playing a new song on the piano, I’m not sure what the song is supposed to be. But through practice, I heard when I knew the key was not correct. I kept trying over and over again until my tempo, loudness, and finger placement was correct.

It’s s easy to fail and give up

There is a reason that successful people are successful. They don’t give up and stay focused on their dreams. What keeps them going? Endurance, passion, and determination to succeed. It’s an energy that comes from within. Circumstances around you may continually change, but if you’re deeply, subconsciously focused, you will have more willpower to continue. Starting your day with a focused meditation and a vision board is an excellent way to build that inner willpower.

Failing fast is the quickest way to grow

When trying new things, its important not to give up and wait to get back in. Try to get back toward reaching your goals as soon as possible.

I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was 8 or 9 years old, because I was afraid to get back on the bike when I was five. My own fears kept me back from moving forward. Until finally one day I was determined enough to learn to ride. And it has been a joy to ride the bike so many places and see so many things!

If you are afraid of failure, ask yourself, “What do I gain by keeping myself from moving forward?” You may need to practice self care, love, and affirmations to get back toward reaching your goal. You might even choose to find a mentor or coach to help you out. But when you get back out there, you’ve learned a few new tactics for self talk, learned how to use your resources better, and discovered more about yourself.

Lessons along the way


What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned from failure? How did you move forward?

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