Healthy Nighttime routine for a hygge evening. Creating an evening routine starts at home and can be used in any area of your own life. it helps make our lives so much easier.

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I’m pursuing my own healthy nighttime routine and enjoy settling in for the night before bed. See what I like to include in my hygge nighttime routine and how I like to get cozy.

What should my Nighttime routine be?

How to make a nighttime routine

Healthy nighttime routine


What should my nighttime routine be?

I’ve begun creating my own nighttime routine that is healthy, has some things to help me wind down at the end of the day, and is easy to do. One of the important things for me with my nighttime routine is to make it so I can do it anywhere.

How to make a nighttime routine

There are a few factors that go into a hygge routine. They include, cleaning up at the end of the day, preparing for the next day, getting a few stretches in, winding down the mind, and settling into bed. These are my favorite factors that go into a night time routine, and they can take some adjusting and modifications as I settle in for the night at different times.

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End of the day cleaning

Things to include in the end of the day cleaning can be things that start long before the hour before bed. They include tidying up throughout the day, washing dishes, and keeping up with bedding and clothes. Those are daytime tasks that are not for actual evening, but if they are complete, it makes the nighttime routine so much easier.

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Healthy Nighttime routine

Personal care Nighttime routine

Just like in the morning, having a personal care routine is important. I like to wash up, brush my teeth, and drink some water or a calming and relaxing tea before bed (no sugar in it). It really helps my body feel relaxed and ready for bed. Also, a skin care routine is important to do to prevent dry skin. I put the phone away about an hour before bed as well.

Clothes ready and items out, lights low

Before I hop into bed, it is important to lay out items that I want to access right away in the morning. These can include my wardrobe items, some jewelry, and affirmations. Also, I go around and check to see if things are all settled in the home.

Clearing thoughts and preparing for the next day

There are moments where I need to clear thoughts, and the nighttime routine is the best time to do so. I can journal or use my planner to go over what happened in the day, ask myself some enlightening questions, and prepare for the next day.

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Nighttime yoga routine

It is ok to have a few moments before bed for relaxing, stretching and breathing with a yoga nighttime routine. I like the ones where they are intentionally meant to help lower my heart rate, instead of increase it.

Reading a good book

Settling in for the night can include reading a good book, fiction or nonfiction. Personally, I choose non-fiction just before bed. And I enjoy listening to audiobooks as I fall asleep.

Listening to music or white noise

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And finally, as necessary, I turn on the meditation music or white noise to help me relax and sleep through the night. I’ve lived in places where I could hear the constant noise of traffic or cars, and music really helped me rest and fall asleep faster.


What do you like to include in your nighttime routine?

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  1. I really need to get my nighttime routine sorted out again! I’ve not been sleeping well in ages. 🙁 Will take this on board. Thank you for sharing. x

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