How to be more organized for your life, office, work, school and more! Get started today with these ideas and lessons on organization.

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Learning how to be more organized? These ideas will help you create healthy habits to help you be more organized. Find inspiration for organization at home, work, and school.


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How to Be more Organized

Getting organized starts with cultivating healthy habits and learning how to be more organized. Being organized is a daily habit that I practice everyday. I learned many organization lessons from the book Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo.

Healthy Habits and Learning how to become more organized can be made easier with good systems in place. When something pops-up or when life gets a bit chaotic you can manage. It takes ENERGY to be organized.

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Understand Organization Systems

And one of the biggest laws of organization and life is the law of entropy: The level of disorder in the universe is steadily increasing. Systems tend to move from ordered behavior to more random behavior. (Read more about it HERE.)

Organizational systems such as planners, closets, storage, or offices, are beneficial. They can get more and more chaotic if you don’t put the energy into them to keep them maintained and under control. I have a few systems that have helped me learn how to become more organized in my own life.

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Organization Requires Energy

Getting started on how to get more organized can take energy. If you know you have a big project ahead of you, be sure to plan it ahead of time, gather the right resources, and ask for help as needed.

Get ready, motivated, and energized, it is TIME to get organized!

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How to Be More Organized at Home

  1. Keep a planner and calendar system
  2. Have a Daily Routine
  3. Make a Place for Everything
  4. Clean up

Keep a Planner

Home organization starts with prioritizing your time and space. A planner and a calendar can help you be more organized in life. I like to use my bullet journal daily.

Make Daily Routines

One of the most beneficial parts of how to be more organized in life is to have a routine. My daily morning routine is beneficial to help me achieve my goals. I can plan and organize how my time will be spent. That way, I know what will happen throughout the day.

I sandwich my day with an evening routine. It helps me feel accomplished in what I was able to finish, remind myself of all that I am thankful for, and check things off my list.

Organize Items

Make a place for everything and learn how to become more organized at home. Things should have a home. An item can be useful and practical for the time it is being used.

After it is done being used, it should have a practical storage solution and location. Organize items by category, size, usage, and accessibility.


Clean Up

It is important to clean up. Along with a daily routine, you can create a routine for cleaning. Things get dirty and disorganized. You can discover how to get more organized at home by learning to tidy up!

Make it a daily habit to recycle, take out the trash, sort mail, and clean the dishes. Or, if you don’t have time, hire a house cleaning service or a secretary to help.

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How to Be More Organized at Work

  1. Keep a Schedule
  2. Take notes
  3. Manage Emails
  4. Keep a clean Desk

Keep a Schedule

Keeping a schedule is important for learning how to become more organized at work. A schedule helps you prioritize, manage time, and remind yourself of important tasks. There are various task management systems for an office. Find a schedule system that works for you.

Take Notes

Meetings and impromptu coffee networking can lead to more information about the work that needs to be done. Taking notes in an organized fashion is how to get more organized at work. You may want to create a file or a notebook for meeting notes and use minimalist office organization methods.

Manage Emails

If you have an email at work you have to maintain it. Make folders for incoming, important to-do emails, current projects, regular system emails, and emails that are no longer relevant. Your time is valuable. Learn how to automate some of the incoming emails. Spend less time on email and work on things that are important.

Keep a Clean Workspace

Papers can pile up quickly if you don’t keep a clean desk. Have a system for organizing your papers, and take care of them in a timely manner. Use paperless software and maintain your equipment properly. Manage what you have going on with a wall organization system.

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How to Be More Organized at School

  1. Have the right Supplies
  2. Think Long-Term
  3. Separate Notes by Class
  4. Prepare for Quizzes, Exams, and Tests
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Have the Right Supplies

If you know what supplies you need for class, pack your bag with the supplies, notes, and books you will need. If a list is provided to you, use it to help you how to be more organized for school. Sometimes, supplies and materials can be reused, purchased on sale, or rented. It may be pricey to get all the school supplies up front. Try to see what you can wait to purchase and look for sales.

Think long-term

School is an integrated part of life. Make sure you schedule and plan long-term all that you have going on. It’s important to schedule and plan your calendar ahead of time for when you will study for exams. It is important to balance your time with your extracurricular activities You don’t want to cram for an exam!

Separate Note by Class

Come to class with the right notebook, or at the least, your best method to track and organize notes. Knowing how to be more organized in school is important. I always prepared ahead of time and printed off the slideshows and syllabi for my classes. That way, I could jot down the notes for class in an organized way.

Prepare for quizzes, exams, speeches, essays, etc.

Be prepared to prove that you’re learning by demonstrating what you know. An important part of class is to share what you know with the professor or teacher. Plan ahead and organize your notes and study, study, study. Make flashcards, memorable abbreviations, join study groups, and have a daily study routine.

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What are your habits that you utilize to be more organized? Share your thoughts and leave a comment below.

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