How to use Minimalism to Focus and Manage Time Effectively

How to effectively manage time and set prirorities and intentions with minimalsim

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The minimalist lifestyle can be for anyone, and it is important to manage time effectively. I want to pursue a more minimalist lifestyle, not because I don’t like having things, but because I want to live a fulfilling life. For me, the human spirit is much more important than the things I have. There are some moments in life that remind me why I try to pursue how to effectively manage time with minimalist lifestyle tips.

Recently, a storm ripped through our area where we live. Storms are outside of our control. This storm whipped up a tornado, caused mudslides, and many areas were flooded. In storms, the first thing I want to do is find safety for me and my loved ones. My things are only things and can be replaced. It lead me to question how can I effectively manage my time?


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Are you good at managing your time?

Each season that I go through in life, I try to manage my time more effectively, and focus on what is important. I try to prioritize time, manage finances, and take care to the most urgent and important things that are essential for more lifestyle living.

Sometimes it is hard to maintain the lifestyle that I want to pursue because I get sidetracked by the non-important, non-urgent tasks. But, by reflecting on the things that are true priorities for me, I can gather my thoughts and establish what I really need implement strategies to manage time effectively.

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Manage Time

How does one manage time more effectively?

In Stephen R. Covey’s book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” he wrote about the time management quadrant where people can distinguish between important and not important, and urgent and not urgent tasks.  We only have so many hours in each day, days in each week, weeks in each month, months in each year, and only so many years to fulfill our dreams and goals.

One of my favorite methods is to schedule my time using a time block schedule. To help manage time, the upper left corner is the important and urgent tasks to complete, the following corner on the right is the important tasks that are not urgent. The bottom of the time block schedule quadrant is the non-important, and urgent tasks, and the final quadrant is the non-important, non-urgent tasks.

I decided to design my own task management quadrant and I portioned it like the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule is an evaluation of time, most of the results that we get only take 20% of the effort, meanwhile, 80% of the work that is done is “busy work.” This scheduling time method works well for scheduling in time management priorities.

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This quadrant helps me to maintain my time management while I plan out my week. The beginning of the week is when I prepare and organize the tasks I must complete.

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Other ways I use minimalism to focus and manage my priorities and time effectively are:

  1. Daily journaling
  2. Using resources
  3. Setting goals for the day

What ways do you like to use minimalist lifestyle tips to pursue fulfillment of your dreams and goals? do you have any tips on how to manage time?Leave a comment below with what you like to do.

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