Hygge Bucket List for the Summer

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This Hygge bucket List for the Summer is sure to make you feel cozy and warm in the summertime heat and the cool evening nights.  These little pleasures are sure to bring happiness, wellness, and contentment during the long summer days.


Hygge Bucket List for the Summer

A blue coffee Mug with a latte in it with heart-shaped foam along with a saucer, ad blank page in a notebook, and a black pen resting on the page.
  1. Visit a Body of water in the evening as the sun sets.
  2. Go Camping, Canoeing, and make S’mores.
  3. Make a fancy Iced Tea recipe with fresh fruit and herbs.
  4. Create a summer playlist of songs that make you want to dance.
  5. Go to a barbeque.
  6. Find a new ice cream flavor and enjoy it with friends.
  7. Watch a thunderstorm roll through.
  8. Catch an outdoor movie at the park.
  9. Enjoy some live music from local musicians.
  10. Take an afternoon nap to cool down when it is hot outside.
  11. Observe the stars and watch a meteor shower.
  12. Go on a road trip and make memories to last a lifetime.
  13. Get up early and watch a sunrise to start your day.
  14. Try new fruits, and make a smoothie with your favorites.
  15. Relax and lounge around in the hot weather. Enjoy the slow moments.
  16. Hang out by the pool with friends.
  17. Rediscover an old favorite book. (Or find one you’ve been meaning to read.)
  18. Bury your feet in the warm sand and make a hygge spa.
  19. Go fishing.
  20. Sit by a campfire and sing songs until the night passes by.
  21. Create a countdown calendar in your bullet journal.
  22. Eat sweet corn on the cob.
  23. Attend a summer festival or fair.
  24. Meet up with friends for a cup of coffee.
  25. Find a farmer’s market to attend.
  26. Sample food at the farmer’s market and get to know the farmers producing the food.
  27. Visit Decorah, Iowa during Nordic Fest.
  28. Go to Ikea and redecorate.
  29. Experience the Summer Solstice where the sun never sets.
  30. Pick fresh berries and enjoy them with ice cream.

More Ideas

Thank you for reading this Hygge Bucket List of summer ideas and minimalist lifestyle tips. What cozy things do you like doing in the summer?

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