Hygge Lover Gift Ideas

hygge gift ideas to bring comfort and joy to the hygge lover. Share these presents for birthdays, holidays, special events, and different occasions.

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Share these gift ideas to help bring comfort and joy to the hygge lover in your life. Presents for any occasion including holidays, special events, celebrations, birthdays, and more.

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14 Gift Ideas for the Hygge Lover

  1. Essential Oils
  2. Blankets
  3. Journals
  4. Tea
  5. Tickets to an event
  6. Bookends
  7. Books
  8. Specialty Chocolate
  9. Recipe book
  10. Knitted scarf
  11. Succulent plant
  12. Spa Treatment
  13. Restaurant outing
  14. Wall décor

Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used in any home and they make great hygge gifts. Along with a nice essential oil diffuser, the oils can bring charm and create a sense of coziness with the scents that you share. Choose oils that you know the hygge lover will find delightful for their own hygge spa

Personally, lemon is a nice, citric flavor that will freshen up the space. Rose, orange, and lemongrass are nice oils to have as well.

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Bring warmth and coziness to the hygge lover with a nice, over-sized warm blanket. A blanket can be hand knitted, quilted, or purchased. They make the perfect hygge Christmas gifts. Blankets that have extra weight in them feel more comfortable and are cozier.



Something that a hygge lover might enjoy is a journal. They come in all sorts of styles and topics and can become part of a morning routine. Be sure to pick out one that the receiver will like. There are lined journals, dotted journals, and blank page journals available.


Spice up the hygge lover’s life with some tea. It comes in many different flavors that can energize, relax, and even help aide in sinus relief.  Include a teacup and saucer that suite the receiver’s personality and style.

Tickets to an event

Going to an event with a friend can be a very comforting feeling. Making memories and getting together to share an experience can make for cozy memories to look back on and share together. Pick an event that you know they would like to go to. Ticket Distributors is an excellent place to find tickets to all types of events. Conventions, concerts, and sport events are fun to go to with someone.

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Book Ends

Useful office items, such as book ends are unique things to give to a hygge lover. They can be placed as décor on a shelf in the persons home to personalize their living space.


Cozying up with a good book is a hygge lover’s paradise. Good reads include an inspirational non-fiction book that will uplift the spirits, instill creativity, or provide comfort. Books can be included in a hygge gift basket and enjoyed with other presents.

Specialty Chocolate

Provide a satisfaction for the sweet tooth for a hygge lover and find specialty chocolate to share. Some of the best kinds come from local chocolate shops that create chocolate in-house, and let you have samples. I enjoy giving chocolate as a hygge Christmas gift treat.

Recipe book

If the hygge lover in your life is fond of sweet treats and baking, a recipe book can surely bring joy and comfort to their life. Try to make a recipe from the book and bring them a treat along with the recipe book.

Knitted Scarf

Knitted items provide warmth and coziness beyond just the home. When your friend or family is out and about wearing the scarf, they will be able to bundle up on cold days.

Succulent Plant

Popular plants in 2019 are succulents. They are easy to maintain, water and take care of, and on the plus side, they are adorable. Succulents come in all shapes, sizes, and tones from tones of gray to purple hues of green.

Spa treatment

Treat your friend or family to a spa day with a certificate to a local spa. It is a great gift for bath lovers! Self care spa gifts can be a nail salon, hair stylist, massage therapist, even a chiropractor.  A spa treatment will really help the receiver give themselves a day to reenergize and take care of their self.

Gift ideas for hygge lovers. Presents to give during the holidays, birthdays, special occasions, anniversaries, and parties. Gifts for spouses, parents, kids, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner,

Restaurant outing

Sometimes, it’s good to find a cozy restaurant, and a favorite way to treat a hygge lover is to bring them out someplace that they will enjoy. Pick a restaurant that you know they’ll enjoy and find delicious food at that suits their needs.

Wall Décor

The hygge lover in your life will want to decorate their home and interior space with some artwork or wall décor. I like to find minimalist artwork on Etsy. Look for pieces that reflect their personality. Some ideas may be to find an animal, a quote, or a scene that captivates them. Some wall décor can be useful in a home office or entry space to help organize too.


Do you have more hygge gift ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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