Hygge Morning Routine for Success

Ideas for morning a minimalist morning routine. Hygge, cozy ideas to start the day.

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Create a hygge morning routine for success with easy ways to get comfortable and wake up ready for your day.  These ideas are perfect for creating a morning ritual for waking up early, spending time with those you love, and planning your day.  A morning routine can be a quick and easy way to start your day, or it can be done in the later hours of the day.

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Hygge Morning Routine for success

  1. Energy that is nutritious AND delicious
  2. Warmth and coziness
  3. Enrichment read
  4. Priorities for the day
  5. Music to awaken
  6. Hygiene for cleanliness


Waking up with the right energy for your day is important in a hygge routine. Have what you need for your morning ritual supplement on hand or go to your favorite café in the morning to get energy and nutrition. I like to keep breakfast pastries, or granola bars and instant beverages at home or have an energizing or nutritious beverage while out and about for the day.

Favorite Sources of Energy: Coffee, juice, tea, or milk, and breakfast food.

Warmth and Coziness

It can be challenging to wake up ready to hop out of bed, but these morning routines ideas are helpful. To make it easier, set up a personalized spot just for waking up before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. It becomes easier with good habits and morning rituals for daily success. Make comfy location, an at home hygge spa, where you keep a blanket or a robe available to warm up in while starting your day.

Favorite ways to say Cozy: Blanket, or Robe

Hygge morning routine for success. Minimalist ways to start the day. 6 ideas to begin your day cozy.

Enriching read

One of my biggest minimalist lifestyle tips is that waking up can be made better if you devote energy into staying disconnected before getting overwhelmed by the latest news in the morning. Make a habit of focusing on your intentions. Have a good book or an eReader available when you wake up. Do try to read for at least 20 minutes. If you want, you can even try an audio book. I tend to think of the morning as a time where I read or listen to non-fiction material that will help teach me a new lesson or help me learn a new skill.

I’ve read “Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod, and that really inspired me to create my own ritual for waking up in the morning. The best thing about waking up early is that I can focus on planning and preparing for my day instead of rushing around. It is important to know how long it takes to wake up and get ready for the day.

Favorite books and supplies: Non-Fiction book, a bullet journal, and a pen


Once you have finished your enriching read, plan your day. Depending on what you have for your lifestyle, sometimes checking mail and current events are required for planning your day. A productive morning routine for school would include preparing for your day. Remember to prioritize the Main Things, and design your day to be productive, but not overwhelming. Make notes if there are any scheduled events, meetings, tasks, or shopping you may need to do.

Favorite Planner: Printable Sheets or a bullet journal

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For me, music is important to get me up and ready to go for the day. Having music on while I do my daily morning routine or get ready for the day helps me feel cozy cheerful at the same time. I like choosing music with a good count of beats per minute and uplifting words. Use the radio with local DJ’s that give you updates on weather, traffic, or local fun, or your favorite streaming service to get a good selection. I have a playlist called Uplifting Music that I like to stream on More Lifestyle Living’s YouTube channel.

Favorite Music Streaming Service: Radio, YouTube, or Spotify


And Finally, my ideal morning routine begins once I am officially ready. I take care of personal hygiene and use my favorite bath products, makeup, and 5 min hairstyles that help me get ready for my day. You may have a personal checklist of what you need to have done to take care of your body and your hygiene needs. Try to fulfil what you need to maintain your healthy habits.

Favorite Hygiene Products: Soap, Facewash, and Toothpaste

How long Should a morning routine take?

Each person, and each day is different. A hygge morning routine helps with taking time for yourself, before being overwhelmed by all the things that are going on in the world or in your household.

It can take some experiments to have a morning routine for success. I tried setting my alarm off 15 minutes earlier than what I was doing before I had a routine and went from there. If I felt too rushed, I tried again the next day to plan for another 15 minutes earlier, so then I had 30 to 60 minutes of a hygge morning routine to get ready for the day.  Find what works for you.

The days that I know I don’t have any priorities for the upcoming day, I choose to extend my morning routine. But, on days, where I have work, or planned events to leave my house by a certain time, I shorten the routine.

Also, It is ok if I miss a few days of a daily success routine, because I know the basic structure of what a morning routine should be like for me. Once I’m back into the morning routine, it feels so good to be on top of it, that I make sure to keep it as a priority.

A morning routine is good in any lifestyle

No matter where you are at in your life, an effective morning routine can be made. When I was living at home, I had a morning routine. I even wrote a report in elementary school about what my morning routine was like. In college, I made a new morning routine. While on a road trips I had morning routines. After I got married, I had yet another type of morning routine.  Each lifestyle, or part of life I’ve lived in, I’ve had a morning routine. 

Experiment with what works for you and go from there. Ask yourself, are there things that I know I want to include everyday? What things can be prepared the night before?

It’s ok not to get it right the first time, the first week, or the first month. You can change your habits and you can change your rituals. Try to change them gradually and introduce new things to keep it interesting for you.


I chose the 6 hygge morning routine topics because I found them essential in each morning routine for success that I’ve had. Find the one that works the best for you with where you are at.

Other things to include in a morning routine can be:

  • An Exercise Routine
  • Time with friends or family
  • Phone call or text to someone you love
  • Morning chores

Have you tried your own morning routine yet? What do you like to include in your morning routine?

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