Hygge Spa at home. Ideas for creating a hygge spa with music, treats, lotion, scents, books, and more.

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Create a hygge spa at home with these easy ways to get cozy. See what I enjoy using to create a spa atmosphere that is comfy with warm scents, fuzzy towels, and soft music.

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Hygge spa minimalist lifestyle tips

I enjoy creating a relaxing moment at home with some hygge spa luxuries. Ahead of time, I prepare for a spa day at home with music, scents, lotions, a warm bath, delicious treats, fancy folded towels, and nice bathrobes. Use these minimalist lifestyle tips and keep these items on hand for when the time comes to relax during a snowstorm or to quickly rejuvenate after a long hard day.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Hygge spa music

Some of my favorite spa music is on the app Insight Timer. There are multiple types of music to choose from. Meditations and ambient music are enjoyable to listen to and they help me refocus on the present moment.


It is very refreshing to use my essential oil diffuser to help create a cozy atmosphere. Some of my favorite scents are rose, grapefruit, and cinnamon.

If I am making a bath, I love to throw a bath-bomb in the water to help make a fun, scented bath.

All Natural - Essential Oil Sets


The best books to read are ones that help me feel comfortable. Books I enjoy reading when I’m relaxing are self-help books. Or, if I’m preparing for my future, I like to bullet journal or use my planner. Sometimes I simply relax with a puzzle book or handheld game.

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One of the best ways to make myself cozy is to have delicious snacks. I enjoy indulging on chocolates, pastries, and sweet food. I like to have fresh fruit available as well during a spa treatment.

In addition to snacks, it is good to have a hot cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate with my snack.

Hygge spa towels

Whenever I see towels that are folded to look nice on display, it makes me already feel cozier. I like to keep my towels available and on a beautiful display. Instead of folding them up, I roll them up using a fancy technique that I learned from this youTuber.

Rolled up towels add a touch of a hygge spa feeling at home.


Soft skin is good to have when the air is dry. To prevent flare-ups of itchy or flaky skin, I use body and hand lotion. Using lotion helps keep my hands and skin soft.

Hygge spa bathrobes

I like to bundle up with a warm bathrobe after taking a hot shower. When it is cold out, a fleece bathrobe is absolutely wonderful.

Hygge spa self-pampering

In addition to basic self-care, I enjoy doing a few extra things to finish off a simple spa treatment. Some of the things I enjoy doing are my own makeup, hair, manicure, and pedicure.


Are there any more ideas you like to use for a hygge spa at home?

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