Hygge Spa Menu items that you can use to introduce coziness to your life.

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Create a feeling of well being with a cozy hygge spa menu. Choose from a combination of ways to add coziness to the hygge lifestyle. The feeling of coziness can be a combination of many different menu items.

Hygge spa menu

What is hygge? Hygge (Hoo-gah) by definition, means coziness. It is not a food, an item or a tangible object. It is a mutual feeling of happiness, warm, comfort, joy, and nostalgia. This hygge spa menu is a creative way that I like to explore ways to discover making that feeling of hygge in my home or personal life.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Hygge Appetizers

If I am craving a hygge appetizer, one of the first things I like to do is to start thinking about what comfort and coziness means to me. It is happy thoughts, inviting a friend over, or is it just being wrapped up in a blanket with an enjoyable book.

I like to wet my appetite by listening to good music and creating an atmosphere that is cozy and enjoyable to be in. Not too loud, but has some pleasant feelings with it. It might be in my own home, or I may go to a local cafe or library.

At home, I create my own hygge home spa atmosphere with warm lighting, essential oils, scented candles (or a sweet treat in the oven), plenty of blankets, nice music, a fun book to read, and beautiful decor.

Hygge Salads

Healthy choices are a part of a creating that feeling of hygge. Getting exercise and eating right is very important to living a hygge lifestyle. Get outside when the weather’s nice. And when the weather is not so nice, I find ways to get my body moving.

Eating healthy in a hygge way means that I know what nourishment my body needs, and I don’t cheat myself of something good. Being mindful of what I eat is important.

I never cheat myself on a diet… nope, never. I use butter, sugar, and don’t take shortcuts. Shortcuts only make me know that I’m missing something, and that is not a cozy feeling. I balance out my indulgences and don’t overstuff myself when doing a smorgasbord meal.

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Hygge Soups

Is there such a thing as a soup that doesn’t bring coziness? Soups come in so many options and styles. Potato, Rice, Veggie, fish, chili, etc. If I am craving a cozy meal, I start with a soup that fills up my soul and warms my heart.

Hygge Sandwiches

A cozy sandwich to me means coziness layered between other things that bring hygge in life. A morning routine, a daily routine, and an evening hygge routine is what I like to think of as a hygge sandwich.

Hygge Main course

The main course in a hygge spa menu is COZINESS. The word itself is hug- so cozy. If I practice self-care, am feeling well, and am content, or am finding coziness in my daily life, I am essentially having a hygge main course.

Comfort food for you may mean something different to me. I like to create delicious food that is quick and easy to make. If I’m able to create it or go to a restaurant that has what I’m craving, that is coziness.

Hygge Dessert

There is no shortage of delicious desserts that are hygge. Sweet treats and yummy eats are desserts that bring hygge. Cookies, bars, pastries, pudding, lefse, and so much more. Sugar and spice are what makes hygge desserts come to life.

Hygge Beverages

Warm and tasty drinks that are fun for myself or me and my friends are very much hygge. These can include Hot chocolate, Tea, and more.


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