Falling in Love with intentional living. Get inspired to live intentionally and in the present moment.

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The first week of 2020 has flown by, and I’m falling in love with intentional living. It’s a practice to live intentional that I know is beneficial to all areas of my life.


What is intentional living?

It is a way for me to live an intentional life. It helps me recover my own self, and realign my purpose and values for the greater good. Living your life with with intention and being at peace with myself is so satisfying.

Intentional living lessens stress, alleviates anxiety, and puts me into the present moment. An intentional lifestyle allows me to plan for the good things that I want in my life. And it allows me to reduce, or eliminate things that don’t serve me.

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How do I practice intentional living?

I am always learning how to live with intention by being in the present moment. Understanding my core needs and values and planning ahead with budgeting my time is living a deliberate life.

Before I discovered intentional living, I was constantly checking my emails, social media updates, or other sources of incoming information. But, being intentional in life made me realize that I already have all that I need. Yes, I already have all that I need for creating an intentional life.

How to Live More Intentionally

Instead of -pausing- the moment, I’m living -in- the moment in my hygge home. I don’t worry if I have a picture, a video, or something to capture my actions or my reactions. The meaning of intentionally living is being present in the moment. I jot down memories at the end of the day during my evening routine about what was said and done. I can capture how I felt in my bullet journal.

An intentional purpose is asking if things are alright, listening to others in my own life, and being gracious.

Daily Intentional Living

Intentional living is a minimalist approach to the incoming and outgoing communication that I have with the world. I simply don’t need to share everything, just as I simply don’t need to stay connected constantly.

Instead of being hooked on social media or the news cycle, I choose to set intentions. My day starts with a hygge morning routine which helps me be at peace with what the day will bring. I schedule and plan for when I want to see what my friends, family, and favorite influencers are up to.

Intentional Living Quotes

Discover quotes on More Lifestyle Living’s Pinterest board of inspirational quotes.


What are your favorite intentional living practices? Leave a comment below and join the conversation.

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  1. I use an old app called “Sciral Consistency” to hammer down my daily routines. This helps me stay glued together.

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