Last Minute Check, 2019 Year in Review.

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This is my last minute check of 2019. See what happened in 2019, and what I am checking in on before heading into 2020.

Last Minute Check In

Before starting 2020, I like to do a last minute check in of what happened throughout the year, and what things I want to work on and improve.



This year was a challenging one for me! I was not up to par on what I truly wanted to align with in my goals and accomplishments until the last few months of the year.

I really don’t know what I accomplished, except for having EUREKA! moments of insight into my own thought process of making my life improve for the better for myself.

And that EUREKA moment happened at 2:00 in the morning, when I came up with the idea for this More Lifestyle Living website. So that is a huge accomplishment! It’s actually a journey, and is never quite complete. Always more things happening in life, and living.

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Favorite Moment

I did have a good time on a mini-vacation that I took, it was a weekend getaway that I’ve always wanted to take.

Lessons Learned

Unfortunately, I became ill from dehydration by the end of the mini vacation. I needed to drink more water!

I need to get back into caring for myself and doing some more personal development. This last year, I’ve been putting my personal health on hold for some reason. There are a lot of factors in life to balance, and I have decided to set smart goals to get back in to finding my own balance.


What are your last minute check-ins for Accomplishments, Moments, and Lessons for 2019?

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