If Your stuck, and need a Living Easy Solution, create your own transformational daily routine. The Miracle morning, Yoga with Adriene, Short guided Meditation, Journaling, and reading self help books. the 2020 New Year is a year of #visionary transformation. #morelifestyleliving. More Lifestyle Living

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These are some of my favorite discovered secrets of living easy. See what I have found to help me feel at peace, ready for growth, and inspired.

2020 is a year of visionary transformation, and I truly want to make it my best year YET!

Living Easy

Making plans and using energy and action to make them happen is essential to success. This year, I choose to wake up early to help better myself, and follow through on my self care routine.


How will I make living easy fun?

  1. Set my alarm clock to the time I want to wake up to with an Awesome song
  2. Have my Miracle Morning supplies and tools ready to go the night before
  3. Say “YES” to my daily morning routine, instead of going back to bed.

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Routines make Living Easy

I’ve tried to keep routines in the past, and they WERE SO NICE TO HAVE. Before the day began, I enjoyed doing the same things to get my day started. For some reason, I’ve lost touch with the basic routines that have helped me live my best life. Whether it was distractions, hard times, exhaustion, or illness, I was not in my usual routine.

Discovered Secrets to Living Easy.

I discovered a podcast a few years ago about The Miracle Morning and have been in touch with the idea of waking up early to transform my own personal life. This year IS MY YEAR to fulfill that routine and make it a HABIT.

My Favorite Living Easy Routine Essentials

  1. Insight Timer Meditation App on my phone to do a guided meditation
  2. YouTube App on my phone to watch Yoga with Adriene
  3. Affirmation Book
  4. A Journal and a pen
  5. Book to read
  6. A glass of water or a water bottle

Transformation to Living Easy Starts Today

I have already begun transforming back into my Living Easy routine and am excited for 2020 to begin.


Do you have a favorite morning routine to make living easy? Leave a comment below and join the conversation.

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2 Comments on “MAKE LIVING EASY FUN!

  1. Because I am old and retired ‘living easy’ means having NO routines. My best and happiest days are when I sleep as long as I need to, and float through my day doing just as I like, whenever I like. One of the great pleasures of being old and retired. I get grumpy on my ‘have to’ days –

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