Trying new recipes with healthier veggies and fruits. I tried making veggie noodles for the first time, and this is what happened.

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Recently, I’ve been trying to help incorporate new recipes and healthier foods into my meal plans. So far, I have tried making veggie noodles with a spiralizer. These are some of the things I have liked so far.


Using a Veggie Spiralizer

I found a weekly meal plan that uses a spiralizer with sweet potatoes and zucchini to make veggie noodles. I’ve never used a spiralizer before, and decided to get one at the store to try out the recipes.

The spiralizer I found works ok, but is not the best. I am left-handed, and the machine is meant only for right-handed spiralizing. But it works for making veggie noodles.It was easy to figure out how to put the equipment together and make the noodles from it.

The first time I used the spiralizer, I used a bowl, and that was not working to catch the noodles. My husband used a plate, and that worked much better! The base part of it gets pushed out as the veggie gets sliced.

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Making veggie noodles

Sweet potatoes are easy to cook if they are sauteed in a pan. My pan is thin and can burn food easily. So I keep it on medium heat, add oil, then add noodles and cook for 3-5 minutes before turning the temperature down. I put a lid on the pan and let it sit at the lower temperature for up to 10 minutes until the noodles are soft.

For the zucchini, they are very watery! Zucchini is harder to maintain the structure of the noodle when it gets cooked, so it is better to flash heat them for a short amount of time at a higher temp and eat right away. I did figure out how to make pesto zucchini noodles that tastes delicious! I just need to figure out the texture for them.

Making noodles for Meal Prep

If you want to eat healthier and are looking for solutions for meal prep, I really like the sweet potato noodles. They were easy to store in an airtight bag with a paper towel for a week. I didn’t notice them getting too soggy or gross. The temp in my refrigerator is at a very cool temp to prevent food from spoiling.

I’m not sure how long the zucchini noodles would hold their shape or structure for meal prep.


Have you ever eaten or made veggie noodles? What vegetable to you enjoy?

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  1. I love spiral veggies – I used to do them myself – easy peasy but I never know what we will want to eat on any given day so since I only grocery shop once a week I was throwing out a lot of food. I never had a problem with zucchini but what we love are spiral carrots. I buy them frozen from Trader Joe’s – I let them defrost in the fridge and then I just throw them in a saute pan with olive oil, garlic and fresh ground pepper – I like my vegetables crisp so they cook just fine this way but the best part is – a few minutes before I’m ready to serve them I sprinkle a little balsamic vinegar on them – plate licking good!

    • I do have a KitchenAid stand mixer with a slicer attachment, but didn’t see the attachment for the spiralizer so I ended up getting a hand crank spiralizer.

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