Minimalist Lifestyle Christmas Tips prevent being Baited by Christmas Chaos. Discover how to celebrate the holidays with easy ways to have FUN with family and not get overwhelmed by all the things to do this season. #christmas2019 #morelifestyleliving

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Don’t get baited by Christmas chaos! This year, I’m making Christmas a FUN celebration for family and friends. Find out how I cheerfully use these minimalist lifestyle Christmas tips to spend time with family and friends.

If you want to celebrate the holidays this year with less chaos and more fun, like this post, and find out what I like to do to keep myself from being baited by the Christmas Chaos.


Minimalist Lifestyle Christmas Tips

  1. Plan Ahead
  2. Minimalist Christmas Decorations
  3. Hygge Christmas Traditions
  4. Be Cozy
  5. Simplify Christmas Greetings
  6. Have Patience

Plan Ahead

I’ve been overwhelmed and baited by Christmas Chaos before, and I found out some things over the years that helped me rediscover the true meaning and magic of Christmas. While I can never plan EVERYTHING ahead of time, it is good to have a basic outline and plan for what I’m doing, when I’m doing it and who it will be with.

It is nice to know if I’m going to be traveling, or staying in town. There could be snow on the ground that impacts travel at this time of year. And being prepared for any travel condition is key to preventing me and my husband from getting stuck without a place to sleep or having to drive in bad weather conditions. A backup plan is always a good idea.

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Minimalist Lifestyle Christmas Decorations

One of the things that I know is important is that Christmas decorations take time to put up and take down after the holidays. I like keep it simple by reusing the same ones each year. It is fun to take them out of the box and experience the magical feeling of nostalgia that comes with the holidays.

Also, because my home is small, I only need to put up one tree. Yep, just one. I don’t have garland that makes a mess, the tree is fake, (no need to water it, vacuum, or find one on a tree farm) and I only have one strand of lights. It is a small tree, and not picture perfect. Because I use the same tree each year, it helps me to save money (and time) too!

Christmas Decorations, Gifts, Parties and Celebrations can be overwhelming. Calm the Christmas Chaos with these Minimalist Lifestyle Christmas tips. #christmas2019

Hygge Christmas Traditions

I like to have a good time with family and friends at this time of year. And this means I typically practice hygge Christmas traditions. It is good to get together with people to celebrate and have good company at my home amidst the Christmas chaos.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by the things that are for sale at the retail stores, it is ok to spend time at home and have a few friends over for tea or hot chocolate and satisfying food that is delicious. Just getting together and being cozy is alright by me.

Be Cozy

Always running, going, and doing things during the Christmas Advent Season is overwhelming sometimes. I’ve been baited by this before, thinking I must go to a party someone invited me to, but when I’m there, all I just want to do is go home and be cozy.

I choose my events by planning ahead, and deciding if it is worth my time and energy to participate or just to let it pass. At home, then I can stay warm, wrap up in a cozy blanket, and read a book, or watch a movie. Sometimes, I even just rest and take a nap!

Simplify Christmas Greetings

If you want to send out Christmas Cards, make them as simple as possible. (Unless you REALLY are into writing letters, go ahead) I like to make Christmas enjoyable, and sending cards is cool, BUT, they take so much time. One of the ways I simplify greeting cards is to make a digital card and send emails. I only send physical cards to close friends and family who I know won’t check their email or don’t have emails.

Giving gifts can be overwhelming too this time of year. If you consolidate, and make a simplified list for gifts to get others, then that really helps to make the season more memorable. Get your own minimalist Christmas list from More Lifestyle Living’s FREE printable library.

Baite by Christmas Chaos! Gift Shopping List for a Minimalist Lifestyle Christmas.
Download your own Minimalist Christmas Shopping List

Have Patience

Christmas Chaos can be overwhelming for both kids and adults alike. For some, Christmas is an opportunity to show love through gift giving. My first love language is spending quality time with others, but it is nice to receive something special. I really don’t mind if I don’t get the PERFECT gift, ON TIME. One of the things that is hard to do is WAIT. Be patient with all the people that are working towards making the holidays special.

Everyone has a different experience of what Christmas means to them, or what they feel about the Christmas season.

Free Lifestyle Printable Christmas Gift Tags for the holidays


What do you do to celebrate a minimalist lifestyle Christmas? Leave a comment below with your FAVORITE activities.

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  2. I am leaning towards minimalism myself, so a simple Christmas interests me. We are so bombarded by consumerism, advertisements, and materialism that it’s actually quite stress inducing. Thank you for sharing these tips with us. 😊

    • Yes, just being in the moment and slowing down is important to do during this time of year. There is always so much to do! Glad tidings to you. 🙂

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