Office Organization Tips and Tricks

An organized office and a productive work space is a brilliant way to be productive at home! See these office organization tips and tricks to get started today.

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Are you looking for a better way to organize your minimalist home office space? These office organization tips and tricks can help you organize your home office for maximum productivity.


Office Organization Tips and Tricks

One of the first home office tips and tricks that helped keep me organized was to have two office supply areas in the household. One for quick office tasks and mailing and the office itself.

Minimalist Office Stationery Supplies

First, I keep a set of minimalist stationery supplies ready for mail, and simple paperwork tasks in a convenient and accessible location. This little workstation has all the supplies I need for quick office tasks.

Stationery Supplies in the Minimalist home office

I don’t want any supplies taken from the minimalist home office space. When I want to get organized in my home office, I want to be focused and not have to run around looking for the supplies I need.

Calendar Setup

When I create my monthly calendar as part of my home office tips and tricks, I make sure to include incoming and outgoing bills and payments to keep on top of finances. Also, It is important to keep on top of all that is going on in the household day to day and who is doing what for each project.

This is the easiest way to organize future ideas with the alastair method for future planning. Get a Free lifestyle Printable worksheet from More Lifestyle Living.
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Weekly Routine Printables using the alastair method to organize your tasks and chores. This Free Lifestyle Printable is available TODAY!
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Household Tasks Printable from the Fair Play book. This lifestyle printable can help you organize household tasks and prioritize them based on type of chore.
Organize Household Tasks the Fair Play Way

Manage incoming paperwork (Paperless file system)

Earlier, I briefly mentioned a home office tips and tricks idea to sort incoming paperwork. When important papers make it to the main office, a paperless file system goes beyond that with organizing all files. I scan the necessary paperwork, store photos, documents, emails and more with a paperless file system to stay organized.

Office Organization Chart

Bullet Journaling System

Also, There are multiple ways to use a bullet journal to help stay organized in your minimalist home office. The flexibility of a BUJO is helpful for keeping track of minimalist home office ideas, various lists, tasks, and routines that can require organization.

Minimalist Office Organization Wall

A office organization wall is an excellent way to visualize what is going on with everyone. My home office wall has 4 main tools for organizing.

Organization wall for a home office. This helps improve productivity for the home and keeps everyone informed about what needs to be done and what is going on!
Home Office Organization Wall
  1. Whiteboard: Kanban board
  2. Cork Board: photos and “days til countdown”
  3. Whiteboard Calendar: Updated daily and includes area for notes
  4. Magazine File Storage: for my bujo and Lifestyle Printables

Kanban Board

As a way to track progress on DIY projects, I use the whiteboard on my organizational wall to help me see the tasks of the project I am working on. It is one system that uses unique and modern office organization ideas. There are three areas to a kanban system.

  1. To Do-Tasks that are not started.
  2. Doing-Tasks in progress.
  3. Done-Tasks that are complete as required.

Office Organization Pinterest Ideas

Finally, I have a board on Pinterest for Home Office Organization that I am always adding to. Be sure to follow me to keep up with more ideas for home office minimalist ideas..


There are many things to manage in a household office. What office organization tips and tricks do you find the most useful for keeping everything running smoothly?

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