organized Paperless Office Solutions to help you go clutter free in the home office and keep tidy.

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Keep an organized paperless office with these digital filing system solutions. Keep on top of all the paperwork and mail that comes into the home and create a system that works for clutter free lifestyle living.

Organizing a paperless office space can be made easier with better equipment and software. These are my favorite solutions in my home office that have helped me go paperless.

Paperless Office Equipment

Paperless Office Software

Helpful Office Solutions

Setting up a Paperless Home Office


The Best Paperless Office Equipment

 An Eco-Friendly Printer: Epson ET-2750

I wanted to go paperless because I wanted something to go with my eco-friendly option for printing. The Epson Expression ecotank printer I use is a perfect solution for reducing cartridge and ink waste. See our Epson ET-2750 review for more details.

A Space-Saving Scanner: Epson ES-200

Sorting and filing the paperwork that comes into our household is made easier with this scanner. It reads and scans both sides of the paper at once and it is easy to use for my digital filing system process! It is easy to set up, use, and fold up for storage.

A Flexible Mobile Device: Apple Ipad Pro

After looking at multiple computer options for creativity, storage, and flexibility for going paperless, we splurged with the Ipad Pro. The speed of the ipad pro is remarkable. This makes our office more mobile and flexible and comes with some of the best paperless software.

Durable Paper Shredder: Fellowes W-6C

After you’ve properly scanned and stored the paper you need to save, a shredder will help you out a ton (especially for renters)! There are paperless home office advantages and disadvantages to what should and should not be shredded. So, be on guard for what gets put in the shredder and recycling. The shreds of paper is one of few disadvantages of a paperless environment.

Top Quality Shredders from $48.09!

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Paperless Office Software Solutions


This digital paperless filing software stores everything from our papers that we scan in. It also can store things we find on the computer or web for our paperless office! We decided to get the annual plan because it allows for more devices to be logged in than the free version does.


One of my favorite paperless office tips is to organize plans digitally. Planning tasks and organizing lists is made easier with Trello.

Google Calendar

And finally, a digital calendar that is very useful and flexible for organizing various schedules and calendars. I don’t know how to have a paperless home office without it.

Helpful Office Solutions

Compact Space

The most helpful thing about these paperless offices and digital solutions, is their small size. The Epson equipment can easily be folded up and stored away with it’s square and rectangular shape. No awkward angles or weird open spaces.


The paperless equipment I have can connect wirelessly and be connected to the Evernote software easily.

By putting our files in a secure location off site, we will be able to access the files from anywhere. This makes it so much easier access when we are traveling or needing files when we’re on-the-go.

Old Organization Methods Out the Window

Making space for files and keeping up with paperwork is and has always been a never-ending task. With mail, receipts, photos, and emails always coming into the home, finding a solution beyond filing cabinets and photo books seemed like the right way to go. The best way to go paperless is to start today!

A Paperless Home Office is a Functional Office

It is so much easier to go paperless at home to quickly find files, schedules, and notes by having a computer search for them by the tags and dates of the files. If the paperless home filing system practices are done right and files are stored in a practical and functional way, you won’t need to waste time searching through old papers again.

Setting up a Paperless Home Office

 Make a paperless station

One of the best paperless best practices is to have your electronics charged in one spot and available when they’re needed. Once batteries are charged, remember to unplug!  Not much space is required when you go paperless. The printer, scanner, and iPad do not take up that much space at all.  Sitting at a desk can become uncomfortable or impractical in some situations. Having a mobile office can really help your home office be a part of a more flexible lifestyle. When you are done for the day, have a home for your equipment and set it up to be ready for next time you use it.

Find what works best for you in your situation. A wireless, eco-friendly, paperless office can really change your perspective on doing paperwork!

What is the upfront investment?

We splurged on our equipment and did our research before making our decision on what was best for us. It did cost more than a few filing cabinets, binders, and other physical storage solutions. When we learned how to go paperless in office equipment and storage, we had to spend a little money short-term for long-term investments. If you want to get equipment and software, create a budget for your needs and desires in your home office.

Organizing a Paperless Office

Our journey of finding solutions for going paperless is a huge learning experience. Be on the lookout for more tips for going paperless in the office and lifestyle solutions and ideas from More Lifestyle Living.

Epson Expression ET-2750 Printer fully extended fits into small space
Epson Expression ET-2750 Printer


What questions do you have on our experience of transitioning to a paperless office?

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