Positive Life Habits to life life fully. Improving habits and making changes is a way to enjoy life and do more of what you love.

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I enjoy discovering new ways to live life fully. These 10 positive life habits are something that help me enjoy life to the fullest, reach goals, and feel my best.


Positive Life Habits

Drinking Water

I’ve always known it is important to stay well hydrated. By tracking my water and fluid intake in my bullet journal, I can see how well I am doing on getting the right amount of water for my body.

Brushing my Teeth

Part of my morning and evening routine is to brush my teeth. It is important to keep up on this even on the most rushed days in the morning or the most tired days in the evening. I like to track this alongside my water intake for the day.

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Daily Gratitude

Each month, I set aside a page in my bullet journal to track my daily gratitudes and things I’m thankful for. Being grateful for both the big things and the little things in life is important.


One of the habits that is important to understand is my budgeting. I like to track my incoming and outgoing money by tracking it and planning for the big expenses.

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Scheduling and organizing my time

Along with budgeting, planning my time ahead of time is important. A bullet journal really helps me plan ahead and stay focused.

Practicing Forgiveness

There are things that I need to let go of, and I practice forgiveness through meditation and journaling. It is an important habit to have because there are things that are outside of our control of what happens. Forgiving and moving forward is necessary for living fully.

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Setting goals

To progress toward my goals, I like to set and create them! Goals are one of the best positive life habits I’ve started to maintain. I like to make smart goals strive to be my best.

Listening to uplifting music

I enjoy all sorts of music, and I know it is important to listen to uplifting music. I started the habit of putting music on when I am writing or working on a project to help me focus.


Daily exercise is an important habit to maintain. It helps me know and understand my own body better. It helps me destress and helps me feel more confident as I pursue personal goals.


Well-Balanced Diet

Along with exercise, a well-balanced diet is important. I enjoy sweet treats and also cooking. A well-balanced diet that includes a lot of fruits and veggies is important to me.


What positive life habits do you have in your lifestyle?

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  1. I love this list! These are things that a lot of people know they should be doing but aren’t. Even if we know, we don’t always realize what a big impact these habits have on our well being! What do you use for budgeting? I have been following Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps and created a separate bullet journal to track my progress.

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