These Easy DIY Christmas Gifts for a loved one can steal their heart! Perfect gifts for a boyfriend or girlfriend, spouse, husband, wife, fiance, bride, or groom! Create fun date night ideas and create loving and lasting memories.

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Sometimes it really is the thought that counts. These 5 romantic easy DIY Christmas gift ideas are sure to win the heart of a loved one. Be crafty and make your Christmas gifts cheap.


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Romantic Easy DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

  1. Date Jar
  2. First Christmas Ornament
  3. Year of Dates
  4. A fleece blanket
  5. Photo

Date Jar – Easy DIY Christmas Gift

Create a date jar with plenty of random dates that you and your loved one can pick from and plan a date for date night. It doesn’t take much time to learn how to make this easy gift. The jar I made at home is decorated with scrapbook paper, a romantic quote, and a small picture of us. The date jar has a variety of dates in it and is so much fun to do when we want to do something outside of our regular routine. I also like to include chocolate my romantic Christmas gifts.

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First-Year Christmas Ornament

A favorite ornament that is on my tree is the first-year clay ornament that I made during our first year together. Every year I get it out, I think I will improve upon it, because when we were first together, we didn’t have much. We had each other. But I can’t get myself to get rid of it. The homemade clay is falling apart and crumbling. A better option would have been to find a glass ornament and draw on it with a paint marker.

Year of Dates

For a couple or a partner that enjoys spending time with one another, a presents idea can be to purchase tickets or restaurant gift cards ahead of time. A year of dates is a fun way to celebrate Christmas and each other’s love all year long. Plus, preplanning dates in this fashion make them very special and unforgettable.

A Fleece Blanket

Sometimes, we just want to cuddle with the ones we love. A fleece blanket is an easy DIY gift that can be created in under two hours. There are fleece blanket kits available in all different styles. Create a handmade gift blanket for you and your loved one.

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Printed Photo in a Frame

Create a photo that your loved one can cherish and look at without needing to turn on the phone. Photos are one of my favorite Christmas gift toppers. A photo in a frame is nice to have on a bedside stand, a dresser, or at work. You can even get a photo with a mat board that has a love note around the edges and a frame to tie it all together.

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