NEW YEAR’S GOALS? It’s EASY if you do it SMART!

New Year, New You. This is the perfect time to help you set and accomplish your goals. Discover what smart goals are, and how to write a smart goal.

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Creating new year’s goals is a smart thing to do! Find out a smart way to create goals that help you accomplish your visions and dreams for the new year.

What is a Smart New Year’s Goal?

A SMART new year’s goal has clear and defined objectives that are written down and are tasks worked on by the goal-setter. It can be fun to reach your goals!

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The SMART New Year’s goal Format

S for Specific

The first part of defining a goal is to be specific about what needs to be achieved. A clear definition and a focused objective can truly help jump-start the momentum for accomplishing the goal.

Ask yourself:

What is the object, aim, or purpose of the effort?

What is the end, result, or achievement you are striving for?

M for Measurable

Next, work on defining a good measurable way to track progress toward your goal. Create a measurement based on what YOU can do daily, weekly, or long-term. Think about the actions you can take, and what results you want to achieve.

For example: if you were to create a goal based on weight loss you can track the weight itself, but that doesn’t measure the WORK you are doing. Tracking the work such as daily exercise routine, meals and food eaten, water, and sleep are better ways to stay motivated. Weight is a result of the actions from the diet and exercise work that takes place. You can still track weight, but just know that it is only a frame of reference.

A for Achievable

The next step is to put your goal into a frame of reference to see whether it is achievable for the time given and the resources you have available. Consider your life’s balance as you design your goal in your life. Do you need to save time in certain areas, hire help, become more educated, save up money, meet new people, etc?

Ask yourself:

Is this goal realistic?

R for Relevant

Now, be sure that this goal is aligned and in balance with the bigger picture in your life.

Ask yourself:

Why is this goal important?

What will accomplishing this goal do or solve in my life?

Does this goal align with my purpose?

What does this goal support in my bigger picture?

Write down these answers and look at them when you are finding it difficult to find motivation. Knowing your WHY helps keep you going!

T for Time-bound

And Finally, time is of utmost importance when setting goals. Creating a timeline helps you stay in tune to short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals. Define the goal and set milestones on a timeline to help you stay on track.

How to write a Smart Goal

Create a goal, and turn it into a smart goal by digging deep and applying each of the SMART steps. Remember to write the steps of the goal in future tense and positive tone.

Example Goal: Wake up early and have a hygge morning routine.

Specific: To accomplish this goal, I will schedule and set my alarm to wake up an hour before I need to get ready for the day so I can journal, read, meditate, visualize, exercise, and plan my day.

Measurable: Each morning, it will be easy to track whether I woke up as planned. Additionally, I will set an evening schedule to wind down at the end of the day before.

Achievable: Waking up earlier is achievable if I enjoy the time and be cozy for the hygge morning routine. To help myself do this, I will have things laid out ahead of time and ready to go in the morning when I wake up.

Relevant: I like to enjoy moments in my day, and waking up early helps me to have special moments before the world awakens.

Time Bound: I will wake up daily for 10 days, have a 10 day check-in with myself to see what is working, and what needs change, and continue for 10 days and so on.

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Reformat the Smart New Years Goal

Wake up Early– in 2020, I will commit to waking up early to have a hygge morning routine for important self-care time.

I will:

  1. Schedule my alarm clock to go off at the appropriate time to wake up early.
  2. Track daily waking up and completions of my morning routine.
  3. Plan ahead what I will need in the morning and lay them out the night before
  4. Stay focused in the morning and eliminate distractions that lessen the quality of self-care.
  5. Every 10 days have a check-in to see how my morning routine is doing.

Begin the New Year with New Goals

Now that I’ve shared how to write smart goals, here are a few notes that may be helpful.

Take your time– Writing big picture goals takes time! Think through the goal and make it SMART. Remember to breath and look to inspiring people.

Be flexible– Goals can and do change as more information is obtained. Sometimes goals are only a starting point to something even bigger planned.

Be OK with partial success– Goals may not capture all that is going on in life, and that’s OK. It’s more about the journey anyways! They shouldn’t be all or nothing.

Break down your goals further– Create guidelines, print off lifestyle printable worksheets, put reminders in your calendar or bullet journal, make documents, tell your friends, schedule meetings, etc. Whatever your goal is, dig deep and break it up into bite-sized tasks so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Write your own smart goals for the new year and remember that the SMART goal process is only the beginning…


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