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Best BUJO Methods for productivity to start using in your bullet journal today

The Alastair Method is very useful when I am doing a “brain dump” and letting my thoughts flow freely all while organizing when the idea needs to be done. It helps me coordinate and manage my time better, and helps me be more productive!



I’m not perfect, and I’ve failed at my goals. These are the biggest lessons I’ve learned about failure on my way to reaching my goals.


hygge bullet journal prompts for self care journal ideas. These questions are excellent to add to your hygge morning routine for success. Discover your Self Care routine and get ideas on how to start a journal with these prompts that dig into your inner goddess.

These hygge bullet journal prompts are here to help you get cozy and energize your spirits. Use these prompts for personal growth and development in your hygge morning routine.


Journaling What to Write about and easy ways to get started journaling. This is how you can begin a journaling habit, start a new journal, begin bullet journaling, learn the journaling journey.

Writing in a personal journal can be easy. These journal prompts are perfect for when you don’t know what to write. It only takes a few moments of time, and it can really transform your personal care and self development discoveries.


Amazing and Inspirational people who have changed lives. This Inspiring People cheat sheet will help keep you inspired, motivated, and goal focused. See the list on More Lifestyle Living's blog today!

Want to change your life? This list of inspiring people is a great cheat sheet! These mentors, teachers, authors, and philosophers are incredibly inspiring and have changed people’s lives. Be sure to bookmark this page and keep it as a reference for when you…

NEW YEAR'S GOALS? It's EASY if you do it SMART!

New Year, New You. This is the perfect time to help you set and accomplish your goals. Discover what smart goals are, and how to write a smart goal.

Creating new year’s goals is a smart thing to do! Find out a smart way to create goals that help you accomplish your visions and dreams for the new year.

THE FINAL STRETCH! | Blogmas Day 21

How to get your first 100 subscribers for your website. Beginner's guide.

We’re almost to the end of Blogmas! The first 20 days have been fun so far, and we still have a little ways to go.

How to use Minimalism to Focus and Manage Time Effectively

How to effectively manage time and set prirorities and intentions with minimalsim

How to use Minimalism to Focus and Manage Time Effectively. Use these time management ideas to prioritize and fulfill your goals and dreams.

Free Lifestyle Printables

Free Lifestyle Printables. Downloadable planner pages, goal worksheets, checklists and more.

Free lifestyle printable planner pages, checklists, lists, and worksheets for goal setting, habit tracking, daily routines, and more. Get access to the library and start making changes to improve your life today.

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