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Journaling What to Write about and easy ways to get started journaling. This is how you can begin a journaling habit, start a new journal, begin bullet journaling, learn the journaling journey.

Writing in a personal journal can be easy. These journal prompts are perfect for when you don’t know what to write. It only takes a few moments of time, and it can really transform your personal care and self development discoveries.


CHRISTMAS CRAFTS! | Blogmas Day 24

Christmas DIY Projects and easy crafts to make your house a hygge home for Christmas. Do it Yourself Christmas Crafts to find joy this holiday season.

Christmas comes only once a year, it’s a time to celebrate and cheer! Finding Joy at Christmas is easy to do, all it takes is creativity and glue!

Halloween Ideas for Groups

Halloween Ideas for Groups 5 ideas for a holiday party

These Halloween Ideas for Groups are fun for a Halloween party.

How to use Minimalism to Focus and Manage Time Effectively

How to effectively manage time and set prirorities and intentions with minimalsim

How to use Minimalism to Focus and Manage Time Effectively. Use these time management ideas to prioritize and fulfill your goals and dreams.

Free Lifestyle Printables

Free Lifestyle Printables. Downloadable planner pages, goal worksheets, checklists and more.

Free lifestyle printable planner pages, checklists, lists, and worksheets for goal setting, habit tracking, daily routines, and more. Get access to the library and start making changes to improve your life today.

Minimalist Lifestyle Tips

More Lifestyle Living Road leading toward a rainbow

Apply Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to live life fully. Psychological. Safety. Love. Esteem. Fulfillment. 2. The laws physics also apply to actions and reactions in life. 3. Eat well, exercise, and sleep well– it helps you Live well. 4. Give Thanks. You have more than you realize. Reflect on what you do have. 5. Help others and ask for help. We are all in need of help from someone else at some point or another.

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