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Haiku – beyond fear

~ Open doors within There’s love here beyond the fear Find your Middle Ground ~ I’d like to add these words by Thich Nhat Hanh: “In a time of anger …



Falling in Love with intentional living. Get inspired to live intentionally and in the present moment.

The first week of 2020 has flown by, and I’m falling in love with intentional living. It’s a practice that I know is beneficial to all areas of my life.


Minimalist Lifestyle Christmas Tips prevent being Baited by Christmas Chaos. Discover how to celebrate the holidays with easy ways to have FUN with family and not get overwhelmed by all the things to do this season. #christmas2019 #morelifestyleliving

Don’t get baited by Christmas chaos! This year, I’m making Christmas a FUN celebration for family and friends. Find out how I cheerfully use these minimalist lifestyle Christmas tips to spend time with family and friends.


7 Easy Organization Hacks for Renters!

Get organized with these easy organization hacks that are quick, inexpensive, and very effective. Create a more livable space with these sweet ideas.


Hygge Spa at home. Ideas for creating a hygge spa with music, treats, lotion, scents, books, and more.

These are my favorite ways to make a hygge spa at home. Find out what I like to use to treat myself well for skincare, beauty, and lifestyle.


Pumpkin in an early snowstorm #morelifestyleliving Blog

Halloween gave us a nightmare before Christmas with a snowstorm coming soo early! Find out what happened, and how we survived Halloween 2019.

Hygge Date Night Ideas for Couples

Cozy Date Night Ideas for Couples. These ideas are great for a relaxing and being with each other.

5 Hygge Date Night Ideas for Couples. These ideas are fun to do with your spouse or partner for a cozy, comfy, and chill evening.

50 Hygge Self Care Ideas

Cozy up with these 50 hygge self care ideas from More Lifestyle Living

See 50 Hygge ideas on self care for when you want to be cozy.

Hygge Morning Routine for Success

Ideas for morning a minimalist morning routine. Hygge, cozy ideas to start the day.

Create a hygge morning routine for success with easy ways to get comfortable and wake up ready for your day. These ideas are perfect for waking up early, spending time with those you love, and planning your day. A morning routine can be a quick and easy way to start your day

Minimalist Lifestyle Tips

More Lifestyle Living Road leading toward a rainbow

Apply Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to live life fully. Psychological. Safety. Love. Esteem. Fulfillment. 2. The laws physics also apply to actions and reactions in life. 3. Eat well, exercise, and sleep well– it helps you Live well. 4. Give Thanks. You have more than you realize. Reflect on what you do have. 5. Help others and ask for help. We are all in need of help from someone else at some point or another.

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