7 Easy ways to get cozy even on the most cold of winter days.

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Wintertime can be a season of warmth. Just wrap up in a blanket and get cozy! These are 7 easy ways to get cozy, even on the coldest winter days.


Easy Ways to Cozy

  1. Wrap up in a blanket
  2. Make a hot beverage
  3. Bake Cookies
  4. Add some light
  5. Redecorate
  6. Read a light-hearted story
  7. Snuggle with a friend

Wrap up in a Blanket

There is nothing more cozy to me than to wrap up in a warm, fleece blanket. It’s that extra warmth that I need and that wrapped up feeling that I enjoy. It helps me to focus and enjoy what I’m doing. Instead of feeling a chill, I’m awake and ready to mingle.

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Make a hot beverage

A warm drink like hot cocoa or tea can really warm me up quickly. Just holding a warm mug can help warm up my hands and help me reenergize.

Bake Cookies

What better way to warm up the house than to bake something tasty in the oven? Cookies are a delight to eat and they are a wonderful snack to have for friends and family. And I like to eat them with a warm hot cocoa in my hands too.

Add Some Light

Dark days can be brightened up with some accent lights or a simple light bulb change to full spectrum light. Interior spaces are important to light just right to be cozy. Keep the shadows at bay, and use soft lighting for that warm feeling.

Redecorate and Clean

It’s ok to feel like the space you’re in is not big enough. All it takes is a little bit of cleaning, organizing, and redecorating to feel like it is better again. I enjoy making my space warm and cozy with plants, animals, and flowers. Paintings and decorations can be changed out seasonally too!


Read a light-hearted story

Transporting to another world through imagination is important to get to that cozy feeling inside. I enjoy finding happy-feel-good stories that take me to the beach or to the tropics. It is enjoyable to read books that help bring the warm, cozy feelings.

Snuggle with a Friend

A warm furry friend is something that really helps make a place more cozy in the wintertime! They can provide comfort and joy during the darkest of days.


Thank you for reading! Do you have any ways that you like to get cozy in the wintertime?

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