Who Are The Actors in Schitt’s Creek? Top 10 Magnificent Actors

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Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian television sitcom that aired from 2015 to 2020. Eugene Levy and his son Daniel Levy, who also acted in the series, were responsible for its creation.
The programme received a lot of praise for its wit, writing, and acting, and it took home several prizes, including several Primetime Emmys.

The premise of Schitt’s Creek revolves around the wealthy Rose family, who suddenly find themselves financially ruined due to a business manager’s embezzlement. As a result, they are forced to relocate to a small, rundown town called Schitt’s Creek, which they had jokingly purchased as a gag gift in the past. The Rose family consists of Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy), the patriarch and former video store magnate, his wife Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara), a former soap opera star, and their adult children, David (Daniel Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy).

The humor in Schitt’s Creek often stems from the clash between the privileged, self-absorbed Rose family and the quirky, close-knit community of Schitt’s Creek. The programme examines the power of human connection, family dynamics, and personal development.

Characters in the series have substantial growth and change throughout. Johnny becomes an active member of the community and starts a successful business, while Moira navigates her own personal and professional pursuits. David and Alexis, initially portrayed as shallow and disconnected from the “real world,” gradually find their passions and form deep connections with the people around them.

One of the show’s notable aspects is its inclusive representation of LGBTQ+ characters and storylines. David Rose’s pansexual orientation is depicted with authenticity and acceptance, and his relationship with Patrick (played by Noah Reid) is a central focus of the series. Schitt’s Creek has been praised for its positive and nuanced portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters, breaking down stereotypes and contributing to greater LGBTQ+ visibility in mainstream media.

Schitt’s Creek garnered critical acclaim as it progressed, and its final season received widespread praise for its emotional depth and satisfying conclusion. The show resonated with audiences for its heartfelt storytelling, memorable characters, and clever humor. Since then, it has gathered a significant following throughout the globe, and even after the series finale aired, it continued to grow.
In addition to its accolades and cultural impact, Schitt’s Creek also serves as a testament to the creative vision and collaboration of the Levy family. Eugene and Daniel Levy’s partnership in creating and starring in the show allowed them to bring their unique perspectives and storytelling talents to the screen, resulting in a truly remarkable and beloved television series.

Famous Cast of Schitt’s Creek

1. Dan Levy

Talented Canadian producer, writer, and actor named Dan Levy is well-known for his work on the TV show “Schitt’s Creek.” Together with his father, Eugene Levy, he co-created the wildly successful television programme.

“Schitt’s Creek” is a touching and amusing comedy series that tells the tale of the rich Rose family, who unexpectedly lose all of their money and are forced to relocate to a little hamlet called Schitt’s Creek that they had earlier purchased as a joke. David Rose, the sartorial and astute son of the family, was portrayed by Dan Levy.

The series’ superb narrative and character development are among its noteworthy qualities. Dan Levy’s portrayal of David Rose is especially noteworthy, as he brings a unique charm and humor to the character. David is openly pansexual, and his journey of self-discovery and acceptance is beautifully portrayed throughout the show.

2. Eugene Levy

Throughout his career, Canadian actor, comedian, writer, and director Eugene Levy has delighted audiences. He is well renowned for his extraordinary talent, endearing grin, and unusual eyebrows. His role in Schitt’s Creek really made a positive impact impact.

Eugene Levy was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, on December 17, 1946. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, he had started his career in the entertainment industry, he started to working in comedy clubs and appearing on numerous television programmes. He still gained widespread recognition and a considerable fan following because to his collaboration with Christopher Guest in a number of mockumentary films.

3. Annie Murphy

Canadian actress Annie Murphy is best known for portraying Alexis Rose in the CBC sitcom “Schitt’s Creek” (2015–). Murphy was born and raised in Ottawa, and she always had a strong ambition to be an actor.

She frequently found herself entertaining friends and family, whether it was singing, dancing, or even simply kidding about. This sparked what would eventually grow into a lifetime passion for amusing people. Murphy made the decision to take her love for acting more seriously in her late teens and early 20s.

 Annie Murphy

4. Catherine O’Hara

Known for her extraordinary skill and spellbinding performances, Catherine O’Hara is a compelling and multifaceted actress. She has irrevocably impacted the entertainment industry with her contagious charisma and matchless comic timing.

Catherine O’Hara, a native of Canada, has starred on both small and large screens because to her extraordinary versatility and talent for bringing characters to life. As also she had played a beautiful role in Schitt’s Creek.

Numerous iconic roles that highlight her exceptional flexibility have graced her career. Whether it’s her legendary portrayal of the odd and hilarious Delia Deetz in the classic movie “Beetlejuice” or her iconic turn as the endearing and eccentric Moira Rose in the acclaimed TV series “Schitt’s Creek,” Catherine O’Hara never fails to enthral audiences with her magnetic presence.

5. Emily Hampshire

A captivating and gifted Canadian actress, Emily Hampshire who was born in 1979 has mesmerized audiences with her outstanding performances. She easily brings people to life on both large and small screens because to her natural talent for storytelling.

It is simply amazing how versatile Emily Hampshire is as an actor. She is quite adept at switching between different genres, whether it is drama, comedy, or even horror. Every part she plays demonstrates her innate skill, making an impression on audiences.

Emily Hampshire is not only a superb actor, but she also has a particular charm that makes people want to be around her. She is both delightful to converse with off-screen and to see on television because to her compelling charisma and genuine charm.

6. Chrish Elliot

Christopher Nash “Chris” Elliott, an American actor, comedian, and writer, was born on May 31, 1960.Stand-up comedian, actor, and writer Chris Elliott has made a big impression on the comedy world.

7. Ennis Esmer

Ennis Esmer is a talented actor and comedian. He was born in December 29, 1978. He made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. He is Known for his versatile performances, he has established himself as a dynamic presence on both the big and small screens.

Born with a passion for storytelling, Ennis Esmer embarked on his acting career with a determination to bring characters to life in a captivating and authentic way. His early work consisted of various roles in television shows and films, where he showcased his talent for seamlessly embodying diverse characters with depth and charisma.

Ennis Esmer

8. Dustin Milligan

Talented Canadian actor Dustin Milligan has had a big effect on both film and television. He was born in July 28, 1985 at Yellowknife, Canada. He has cultivated a devoted fan following and received critical recognition for his work because to his mesmerizing performances and unmistakable charm.

Dustin Milligan’s acting journey began with appearances in various television shows, where he quickly caught the attention of audiences and industry insiders alike. One of his notable early roles was in the popular teen drama series “90210,” where he portrayed the character Ethan Ward. His portrayal showcased his talent for bringing complex and relatable characters to life.

Dustin Milligan

9. Tim Rozor

Tim Rozon is also a skilled Canadian actor who is well-known in the entertainment business.

With his charismatic presence and remarkable performances, he has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. He Born with a natural flair for acting, Tim Rozon embarked on his career with a passion for storytelling.

Over the past ten years, Tim has made several guest appearances on popular Canadian television series. such as 19-2, Heartland, Lost Girl, Being Human, Flashpoint, Rookie Blue, and The Listener. Tim was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for his work in Befriend and Betray and received a coveted Gemini Award for his portrayal in Flashpoint. He is a voice actor as well, and he co-stars with Christopher Plummer and Genevieve Bujold in the animated feature film The Legend of Sarila. Tim created the documentary film Shuckers, which explores the world of oysters and individuals who shuck them in addition to acting. Tim frequently works alongside celebrity chef Chuck Hughes at his Montreal eateries Le Garde Manger and Le Bremner while not performing.

Tim Rozor

10. Rizwan Manji

Rizwan Manji is also a very engaging and skillful actor in the film industry. Rizwan was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on October 17, 1974. Since June 12, 2002, he has been married to Taslim Manji. They are parents of three kids. Rizwan Manji’s acting journey is a testament to his passion and dedication to his craft.

He has played a wide range of characters in both television and cinema, demonstrating his versatility in parts that range from humorous to serious. Whether he’s making us laugh with his impeccable comedic timing or bringing depth and emotion to more serious characters, he leaves a lasting impression with his nuanced performances.

Rizwan Manji


What is “Schitt’s Creek” about?

“Schitt’s Creek” is a comedy television series that follows the wealthy Rose family, who suddenly find themselves broke and are forced to live in the small town of Schitt’s Creek, which they once bought as a joke.

Who are the main characters in “Schitt’s Creek”?

The main characters in “Schitt’s Creek” are Johnny Rose (played by Eugene Levy), Moira Rose (played by Catherine O’Hara), David Rose (played by Dan Levy), and Alexis Rose (played by Annie Murphy).

How many seasons of “Schitt’s Creek” are there?

“Schitt’s Creek” ran for six seasons, consisting of a total of 80 episodes.

Can I watch “Schitt’s Creek” on streaming platforms?

Yes, “Schitt’s Creek” is available for streaming on platforms such as Netflix, where you can watch all six seasons of the series.

Is “Schitt’s Creek” a Canadian show?

Yes, “Schitt’s Creek” is a Canadian television show. It was co-created by Eugene Levy and his son Dan Levy, and it gained international popularity and acclaim.

Is “Schitt’s Creek” appropriate for all audiences?

“Schitt’s Creek” is generally suitable for mature audiences. It contains some adult humor and occasional strong language.

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